Hardest thing I've ever had to do; be a parent.

Lemond Bishop

I'm notorious. The white OJ.

Colin Sweeney

Alicia: You are pretty fresh aren’t you.
Redmayne: It’s my best feature. I've got the testicles of a twenty year old.
Alicia: Where? In your briefcase?

I hate people. I love mankind but I hate people. Especially when they eat.

Guy Redmaybe

Lemond Bishop: Why does it take you eight rings to answer?
Kalinda: I was in court sir, do you need something?

Ok, This is what I need. Use your decoder ring and your West Wing tweets to tell the PAC to stop these homophobic robo calls.


Alicia: I had no knowledge of this.
Frank Prady: I didn’t think you did. That is why I have brought that knowledge to you.

You just can't quit me, can you?

David Lee

My whole life i wanted to be one thing - a lawyer and i had it. i had it. I had it figured it out. Get to the top take the cases want, help the people you want. Now, i can't, I can't figure anything out


You are asking for a favor Kalinda, I'm asking for one in return.

Lemond Bishop

We need to push you as the Grizzly Mom.


It all comes crashing down.