The Last Five Minutes of Gossip Girl Season 3: Nuts!

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Sure, he's a little biased, but Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Schwartz is pumped for the big season finale coming up this May - specifically its final five minutes.

Here's what he has to say about it ...

Finale Teaser

A pregnancy shocker perhaps? Your theories on exactly why it's "nuts," or what happens when Season 3 draws to a close are welcome in the form of comments below.

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It has already been reported that the last scene involves chuck at the top of the Empire State Building. :|


Oh god, they probably killed someone a main character - that'll be very reminiscent of The O.C. and equally stupid =/


So here's what I'm thinking...Chuck and Blair are broken up, but she finds out she's pregnant with his baby...not Jack's. And maybe the proposal part is Chuck popping the question because of the pregnancy, but I highly doubt they'd get engaged...maybe just end up talking about it and acknowledging that it will happen in the future. But if Blair gets pregnant, my guess is that she looses the baby.

Gossip girl bitch

Omg rufus and jack lmao... I'm hopeing theres no propsal most of the characters on the show already act older than they are none of them need to get married... i also think someone being pregnant would be bad for the show also especially if jack got blair pregnant..GAH!


I hate it when Josh or Stephanie or any of the writers do this. YES we already know its gonna be nuts. What other options do they have to keep us hooked onto the show? I am rooting for a good finale for Chair, and that's it. I hope by Josh saying "nuts", he actually means nuts in a good way.


as hard as this would suck, after tonight's episode and the prewiew for next week..... i'm thinking jenny steals nate and he takes her v-card.




@me. If Blair is pregnant it wouldn't be Jack's as their sex scandal happened early season 2. I am going to guess that the last five minutes will revolve around Chuck and Blair as they are the biggest couple on the show and have the larger plot lines. A proposal is possible, however, I don't understand why he'd refer to it as 'nuts'?


haha lmfao @ emily : that goes for haters !
yeah the teasers for 3x17 is already driving me nuts. blair is whoring. i REPEAT blair is whoring. i can't take that fact. she is a a powerful bitch not a slut or prostitute. this make me angry and sad at the same time.


Blair pregnant and doesn't know if it's Chuck or Jack's baby.

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