Tonight's Gossip Girl: What Did You Think?

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Well? What did you think of this week's just-completed Gossip Girl episode, "The Lady Vanished"? As always, we want to hear from you, the #1 Gossip Girl fan community.

Did you love it? Were you not a fan? Take it or leave it? What was your favorite (or least favorite) part(s), and what do you predict will happen next? Share with us below!

TV Fanatic will be posting our episode guide and official review as soon as possible, along with music, quotes, our Round Table discussion and any spoilers for next week.

As for right now, it's time to weigh in with all your thoughts, concerns, praise and impressions of this week's Gossip Girl by leaving comments and voting in our poll below:

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Just had to say:
I'm so SICK of season three Rufus. Nothing he does makes any sense and he is really melodramatic.
Especially about Jenny. He has spent about five minutes with her in about the last two months, and he didn't even wait for an explanation. His punishment was probably just so he wouldn't be lonely while being completely irrational about Lily. Also: He conveniently forgot that DAN HAD SEX WHEN HE WAS SIXTEEN. AND HE GAVE HIM ADVICE. Double standard much? Its so frustrating. I just want to slap him silly.


The episode for me had its good and bad moments.
First off, I thought that Serena and Nate’s breakfast scene was completely unnecessary. They ruined breakfast for me. Ewwwwww. Serena at least had a reason for being in this episode, as she was there to support Chuck, Nate didn’t. All he did was stand and look clueless about everything. Booooring.
Dan and Vanessa for the most part were boring as well. I feel like the idea of using fake boyfriend/girlfriend to make the person you like jealous is old. For Chair it won’t but for everyone else it has.
Jenny took up a lot of screen time with her damn relationship with Damien. I can’t believe all that went down only took place in the Palace.
Chuck and Blair of course was the most interesting. They had the most screen time so I’m happy about that. However, I hate the lack fluff that could have happened with them. There were soooo many scenes where they could have held hands or kiss. Was that the Chair sex scene of the week? Because it sucked. There was like two seconds of them kissing and then the scene was over. B.S.
I can’t help but feel how creepy that woman was. If there is something g she is trying to hide, than the actress is not doing a good job portraying it.
I loved how Chuck and Blair stayed so close throughout the episode. I would have like to see them go visit Bart’ grave like they planned together.
Nooooooo!!!!!! I cannot believe Jack is back. H better not come in between Chair. I hate him sooooo much. I hope this is truly be the last time I ever have to see his face again.
To end on a good note, I hope there will be more Chair fluff, and I am really excited to see how Blair’s and Chuck’s supposed plays out as I saw the promo of all three of them spending time together but gets ambush by paparazzi.
Chair Forever!!!


Great episode! NJBC together are perfect... Chair awesome and i liked Serena and Nate talking about her cute. sorry for my english


great great episode!!!! :) loving jenny and damian together! =)


Did no one else notice at one part gossip girl said "Daddy is just now figuring out no matter how hard you try you can't keep a bad girl down"? or something to that sort. Anyways, I immediately thought of Victor/Victrola when she said "Prohibition never stood a chance against exhibition. It's human nature to be free and no matter how long you try to be good you can't keep a bad girl down." It was peculiar... I wondered if it was just coincidence or actually had significance.


Ok, just saw the promo again (it's up on FB)--the reporter asks if it's true that Chuck has paid off women that he has sexually harrassed... Sounds like Jack may be producing some..witnesses...


Chuck is a businessman, now, and his wardrobe reflects that. I think the throw-back suspenders, etc. look amazing on him. He dresses this way because he wants/needs to be taken seriously by all the 'adults' around him in his world. @careblair
I want to see that preview again, as well. It sounded like the reporter asked Chuck to comment on the sexual harassment charge against him. It also appeared that Chuck had no idea what the reporter was talking about (like it was the first time he had heard there was such a charge against him).


And so glad that we got some NJBC, it was about time. the show is so much better when it focus on them and not dan and vanessa


Great episode, CB were amazing, but could we have more a better and longer sexy scene? All couples are getting some but chair, not fair


I LOVED the episode! And the NJBC were so ah-mazing together, like in old times! But why were Nate and Serena at the Waldorf's place at the end?? Even if Elanor moved to France it's kinda weird :D


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