Who's the Hottest Gossip Girl Couple?

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It's a debate we've certainly had before, but with Nate and Serena prepared to heat things up this spring, we're reviving it yet again: Which Gossip Girl couple is the hottest?

For awhile, no one could touch Chuck and Blair's chemistry. But can Serenate give Chair a run for its sexy money? You be the judge by commenting and voting in our poll.

Gossip Girl is all-new TONIGHT with "The Hurt Locket." Let's let the excitement build with a spirited debate over a question that has no wrong answer ... only smoldering ones:


Which couple is hottest?

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chair ,really do you have to ask ,its chair hottest couple ever on gossip girl chair .......................


chair of course ,they are the hottest cutest sexiest,and whatever easle you can think of chair ok...........


ummmm chair obviously but yehh defo need a break right now as they were becoming boringgg!
i dont like nate and serenaaa at all i dont know why, just dont feeel it i did love serenaa and dan but not right now sooo who knows
but i still find it wierd how theyve all been with eachother :S xx


Nate and Blair are perfect for each other! I dont like chuck and blair and i think that Serena is too slutty for Nate. Nate and Blair are the golden couple and really shoud be together!!


Thank you foxxy and KC! Finally someone understands me! Nate and Blair are so perfect and cute together!


Im sorry but both these couples r dead to me
Chair is sooo DEAD! they act like their an elderly couple not a teenage couple.
Serenate just started like 2 episodes ago and theres already an "i love you" WTF! just.. NO
To me the HOTTEST couple would be Jenny/Nate, Serena/Blair, Serena/Blair/Jenny
and anyway GG sex scenes are shit compared to skins


Chuck and Blair - I mean, they played games all over season 2. It would be such a waste of time if they don't last - they're perfect and theres nothing wrong with a little love in the middle of all the shallowness of Gossip Girl.


god, NAIR of course!!! where the fuck are they?!


I still like Nate and Blair...So Nair for me T___T




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