90210 Spoilers: An Explosive Season Finale

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Only three 90210 episodes remain until this show's second season finale. It's sad but true.

While fans discuss what they want to happen, or what they think will happen, in our 90210 forum, The CW has released the official description for the May 18 episode.

It will be titled "Confessions" and here's what the network says will go down:

Teddy discovers that Spence tried to bribe Silver and takes it upon himself to seek revenge in a most confrontational way. 

Annie and Liam test out the waters with his new boat, where they share their darkest secrets.  Little do they know that someone is nearby and decides to share an explosive flame of gasoline with Liam’s boat.

Liam Photograph

No way 90210 would kill off Liam or Annie on the season finale... right?

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I'm not gonna watch anymore for the simple fact that, the writers let Annie's car accident stretch for the whole second season. I'm sorry, but the writing is horrible for this show. The first season was good but, the second season sucked. Too much jumping around with each characters storyline. The writers never seem to put an ending to it before they are on to the next one. Sometimes we do want closure!!!!


I hate Annie and Liam together!! WTF! I will not watch anymore


You know what I think? I bthink JASPER is gonna set that boat an fire.


I agree with alison!
I've been rooting for Liam and Annie since last year!


eeew is all i haveto say if they put liam an annie together...


the new episode on 18 May. crazy .. 90 210 tires with many stops, it seems an abuse for people who see the series in nine months have stopped a thousand times, even when ..
tired and lost the pace of the plot. we see an episode and stop two weeks and so on. until


agree with demi!! i sort of feel sry for Naomi though.. she did lie but at least she owed up to it not like a hit and run!


i don't think liam and annie are gonna die i mean they basically make the show! so they won't die. i like liam and annie together atleast there more intersting than liam and naomi. annie can't be a skank just because she's just friends with liam. gosh plus naomi's bf's always run to annie so i dont see how it's her fault they end up falling for her. plus i heard that naomi does something bad so liam will break up with her and him and annie will get closer like as in friends there not gonna be together as a couple atleast not now im pretty sure there gonna only be friends but who knows maybe in the future i want them to be together but not now maybe the end of next season or something i don't want them to be together right away when naomi will still have feelings for liam cause than i'll be pissed if they do that cause i like annie character but don't want her to sound like a slut. lol


so much for not seeing it coming, i swear this is the last spoiler I read about the finale, i want it to be schocking, and i can leave for 3 weeks spoilerfree


LIam and Annie FTW!
Go Lannie!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.