Gossip Girl Poster Proclaims: The Bitch is Back!

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Georgina? Georgina who? Step off.

When someone proclaims "The Bitch is Back" on the Upper East Side, the undisputed holder of that title can only be Blair Waldorf. And boy, is she about to reclaim it.

If there's an upside to Chuck and Blair’s breakup, it would be this new promotional poster from the CW. Looks like the old B is about to return, and we're psyched!

OMG The Bitch is Back!

Are you pumped up that the *itch is back or what?!

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Blate ntly

I like the IDEA of this but at the same time I just want to see a nice side of Blair. Whenever shes a bith EVERYTHING goes wrong. Did she go to Yale? No. All because of her scheming, and the reason her and Chuck broke up is because she 'doesnt like who shes become'. So it just doesn't make sense. Theres only so many times you can watch Blair's failed schemes, which as entertaining as they are, ALWAYS fail.


Ignoring the fact they turned beautiful Leighton into a cartoon, I'm soooo psyched! The scene when Blair told Chuck she chose not to hook up was absolutely perfect - Chuck's quiet devastation and total silence were flawless, and Blair's explanation to him was honest and incredibly cruel at the same time, knowing Chuck is still in love with her, so the most awful thing Blair could do to Chuck is simply to get over him. BTW - Blair's crazy storylines have finally evaporated and took with them over-the-top-silly Blair... I'm thrilled to have dynamic, energetic, not-forced funny Blair back :-D


it's not a statement.
it should be a question.
will the bitch really be back?
because she better be.


its about time!! its been kinda boring without blair's bitchiness and schemeing!!! yaaaaaay...hopefully she puts little back in her place..at the bottom!! hahaha YAAY i love the blair from season 1 and 2 so it will be good to have her back!!


"The *itch is back" is a great line, because it has double sense - either it's a censored "bitch", but when you think about it it's also about the "itch", that only Chuck used to be able to scratch. So, as someone already said, Blair is ready to mingle :>


dear chuck bass: here is news for you...your ex-girlfriend is single and ready to mingle. be prepared to be EXTREMELY jealous. ;)


that's right.
thank god.
i am so excited...
she WAS a great girlfriend...but im so ready to have the old, bitchy, sexy, seductive, amazing Blair back...and just in time to wear Marc Jacobs' summer collection...
l o v e h e r :)


You go B!


Cant wait to have the old Blair back! She was getting too soft and as much as I love Chair Blair just wasn't herself this season!
Wasn't bitchy Blair the reason Chuck fell in love with her in the first place?


It realy looks like she had a plan in her mind...Good acting Leighton. And I missed queen B / bitchy Blair. So welcome back, b*tch!


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