Gossip Girl Spoiler: Jenny Humphrey MIA Next Season?!

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She's been looking for trouble all season long, and it looks like Jenny Humphrey is going to find it - when Gossip Girl returns next season, she won't be there.

A source close to the CW soap tells EW that Taylor Momsen's character will be absent for an unspecified number of episodes at the star of the fourth season.

Why? The vague "creative reasons."

“When you watch the season finale,” the insider adds, referring to the current season, “you will see that we’re doing something very big with her character.”

Jenny the Virgin

MIA J: Are the days of this Gossip Girl troublemaker numbered?

A Gossip Girl rep declined to comment, but assuming this is true, what do you make of this huge Jenny development? What do you think happens with her?

She's definitely been involved in scandals over the years, but Jenny Humphrey drama has hit new heights with her drug dealing, Serenate meddling machinations.

Moreover, if she's gone for part (presumably not all) of next season, will you miss her, or say good riddance? Does she rank among your favorite characters?

Discuss this potentially huge Gossip Girl spoiler in the comments below ...

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I dont think they should get rid of jenny i love her and her and nate should so be together perfect couple, i think jenny makes the show personally :)


This is the stupidest choice the gossip girl writers have made, i mean (no offence) after the nate and serena thing, but come on, shes the only interesting person in this show right now, if it weren't for her i wouldn't be watching this, i mean theyre even breaking up chuck and blair. I love how people hate Jenny because she's being a b*tch, but Serena can be a b*tch sometimes too and Blair is a TOTAL B*tch but everyone forgives them, yet they can't forgive her?! Wow....well whatever, all i know is, gossip girl has lost a viewer :)


A spin off!


and i think that if jenny and nate had a future.... they wouldn't send jenny away they would figure something out like she goes away for the summer but she is dating nate...... or something and serena is so much better then jenny jenny suxxxxxxx


ok... sooooo if jenny slept with nate how exactly can that be when in the promo for the 19th episode where they have a chance mean jennny does serena walks in,, and if nate loves her and he does he won't cheat on her again till the finale probably if he does... it would be after he splits up with serena.. but we can't know that for sure..


Her Serenate 'meddling' machinations have been going on for what, like 3 episodes and already people hate her so much they want her gone for it? Even though she's the only one who still stirs things up? Really? This is a show about teenagers, privileged teenagers who make stupid choices and fuck up and dress well and gossip; without Jenny, they're all just a set of rich, entitled college dropouts, 'writers', and hotel owners. I'm thinking Jenny is the only FUN character at the moment, even if she's not the best. It'll be interesting to see how they can go back now that they made them all grown up at 19.


Little J went to jail?


I think ye could b right about her getting pregnant.i dont think lily and rufus would send her away2 give it up 4 2 reasons
(1)i still hope lily n rufus wil split b4 the end of the season and
(2)lily gave up their baby and look at what happened there!
P.S.Gianaxo is sooooooooo right derena derena derena!! nate can b with jenny!


I think she gets pregnant, but doesn't tell anyone and that's why goes to boarding school so no one would know.!


Pregnant? That's what came to my mind first. You remember, the big shocking pregnancy at the end of a season this year? and she would be totally unexpected! I hated Jenny in season 1 and halfway through season 2, but now she is like... like Blair when she was still mean. I love that!

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