Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 203

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Welcome, Grey's Anatomy fans, to the 203rd edition of our traditional Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest. Who won last week's edition of this fun, Friday afternoon feature?

This week's Caption Contest winner is cole9070. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to Rix_101, alyssasag and mollybball. Thanks to everyone for playing and good luck again next week!


Arizona: Hey, what are you guys doing?
Meredith: Just looking up new pound cake recipes!
Aaron: Yeah, some of these look great! I like the one with the fresh fruit, mmmm!
Arizona: Eww, you guys are nasty! (walks away)
Meredith: Whats wrong with Rachel Ray!?
Aaron: I guess she's a Paula Dean person.

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-Aaron: isnt that the guy from the kitchen this morning?
-Arizona: OMG thats Cali making her damn baby!!
-Meredith: Derek!!


Arizona: What in the hell is that?
Aaron: That's Alex in spandex.
Mer: *crickets chirp*


Mer: Arizona, is that a picture of you and Aaron doing drugs?
Ari & Aaron: Dope, I mean, Nope!


Mer: These are the McNames that are available to you, pick one!


Aaron: And this... (shows them a video) is Alex during his wrestling days at Iowa State.
Meredith: Oh my god! He's going to rip that guy's arm off! And that outfit is hideous...
Arizona: And THIS is why I don't have interest in men. Trying to attack each other wearing crazy tights with their junk hanging out... **shudders** gross.


Mer:So that one's my post-it husband, we call him McDreamy, and that's his best friend, McSteamy, who slept with his then-wife, then with Arizona's girlfriend, then with my sister who's sleeping with your brother and that's McArmy who's sleeping with my best friend.
Aaron:What about Alex?What's his nickname?
Arizona:The guy who slept with my girlfriend, Meredith's friend who later married him and left him, Meredith's sister...
Aaron:Ok, ok, this is like a Tv show on ABC


Meredith: yeah, and this is the lady who decided to air our lives on national TV
Aaron: hey....she was the lady who hit me over the head and chucked me in the trunk of her car...
Arizona: yeah...*cough cough*...she did it!


Arizona: are you guys watchingn hannah montanna?
Meredith: erm, no...its a documentary about laryngitis...
Aaron: Shuddup, you guys! hannie's singing!


Meredith: score! hannah montanna's being cancelled....
Aaron: girl who says what say wah?!
Arizona: damn... callie's gonna be singin 'party in the usa' all night tonight...


Thanks McShip x

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