Grey's Anatomy Promo: "How Insensitive"

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Choose your words carefully. They may come back to destroy you.

Airing last night immediately after "Hook, Line and Sinner," the promo for next week's Grey's Anatomy have us our first glimpse at what may be the doctors' biggest case yet.

At least in the literal sense, and we'd probably be sent to sensitivity training - which Bailey mandates for the team after a new patient's arrival - for using that play on words.

Indeed, their 700-pound patient with compounded medical issues proves challenging in every sense. Not surprisingly, in this "How Insensitive" promo, we hear the following line:

Yang, you're off the case.

[video url="" title="How Insensitive Promo"] [/video]

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They're wearing regular clothes. o.o In season 4 when he kissed her, they were wearing scrubs. And plus, he backed her up against a wall, near the opening of the door (where Meredith could see them). Lol. And I'm tired of it too. :P But it IS Lexie and it IS for the next episode. - sigh -
How do I know it so well? I'm kind of like Lexie, a little bit of photographic memory. o.o And plus, it was a kind of cute kiss. o.o What?! I'm a sucker for romance! D:


Ew. Alex and Lexie AGAIN. I wish they would stop shoving that down our throats. It's getting annoying. Anyway I'm pretty sure that the kissing scene is a composite shot. The first part is Alex kssing Lexie (where Lexie is brunette). I'm pretty sure that shot is from Season 4. That was back when Alex still had feelings for Rebecca and he was kind of seeing Rebecca and Lexie at the same time. There was one part where Alex kinda corners Lexie into a room and then kisses her. It happens to be the same episode that Rebecca shows up again and he sneaks her into the gallery to watch a surgery. (LOL I can remember this much detail because I recently rewatched Season 4). The second part looks like a new shot and it looks like Alex kissing Arizona(?!?!). I don't know why he's doing that, or why she's doing that. It could be blonde Lexie but it doesn't really look like Chyler Leigh... Then again it's so small we can't really see it properly.


Well I hope your right about it not being AZ. That wouldn't be right after AZ claims she is a lesbian. But you never know with Grey's. I'm beginning to think the whole baby thing is just crap and kinda pissing me off. Callie should be more understanding and just drop it. I don't know how many more ways AZ can say no she don't want babies. And if Callie really loves her she should forget it right now. At some point AZ might change her mind but hounding her constantly isn't helping things. I'de be more worried about building a future (buying a house and getting married at this point). Then have a baby later. They are still living at Yangs for gods sake.


Poor Cristina!She´s kiked off the case again because of her humour? She´s the most competitive doctor and the one person that has suffered the most. She deserves some happyness!
Derek and another law suit....BORING! I´m so over merder. They annoy me so much.
I hope Calzona and Owen/Cristina get good material cause they´re the only reason I keep watching.


i just saw the fisrt sneak peek (:


no it is LEXIE seriously.... i went in slow motion to make shure


I just hope Derrick don't head to the trailer. And become and ass again. The guy that called Derrick a killer was the husband of the woman that Lexie pulled the plug on. I'm with whoever said that it looked like Alex was kissing AZ. That was just weird. I don't know what that is about. But I hope we was all wrong. AZ and Callie have enough problems without AZ kissing a boy. LOL!!!


LOL, I read the comments before I watched the promo and I was like, "OH MY GOSH, ARIZONA WOULD NEVER KISS ALEX." And it isn't Arizona it's Lexie. I'm really sure because they have different eyes. o.o This episode looks really interesting! :) Oooh, Cristina got kicked off the case! And Derek is dealing with another murder charge? D: Interesting interesting interesting! :)


sorry for my english to JDC, when they were sleeping together callie was like every nurse and she used mark like lexie is using alex now, and that means nothing, I mean shonda or whoever is triying to make their relationship more important than a friendship. Do you really let your boyfriend/girlfriend be touch in that way for another person? sorry but that's unnatural and in this case unreal cause there wasn't a romantic relationship before this season, and I don't thing they are going to be one at the end cause shonda loves calzona derek wants to have a baby too, maybe shonda should try that one after all they have the same chemistry than callie and mark


Yeah i kinda looks like it's Arizona Alex's is kissing- But I think it's Lexie. I think it might be cuz Alex's shaddow is covering Lexie and that's why it looks a little darker in the first view, but it's deffinetly Lexie, cuz why on earth would Arizona kiss Alex? And if it was her, she would be pretty drunk if she would kiss a guy, and she would be that drunk on the hospital, so yes, it's deffinatly Lexie! But It would be kinda fun if it was Arizona, haha, I'm only kidding!

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