Grey's Anatomy Scoop: Lexie and Mark to Reunite After All?

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With Grey's Anatomy building toward its game-changing Season Six conclusion, many things remain up in the air, among them a big hookup and breakup to come.

Regarding the hookup, we know Mark Sloan is involved, but instead of spelling doom for a reconciliation with Lexie, might this be the catalyst for such a thing?

Perhaps there's hope yet for fans of the former (and future?) pair. Here are excerpts from E!'s spoiler Q&A today about that and other Grey's Anatomy topics ...

Sensitivity training: And taking a note from the The Office, Seattle Grace is about to enroll in sensitivity training after making light of a 700-pound (really) patient they must work on. Thank goodness Michael Scott doesn't work in the medical profession.

Sloan Pic
Younger Grey

The downside of Chiefdom: Life's going to get a little less peachy for Chief Derek Shepherd when he's forced to respond to a wrongful death suit against him.

Who hooks up: As for the upcoming hookup, we already know McSteamy's on the prowl, and let's just say that Lexie is going to have some serious issues with this. The good thing is that it's clear Lexie still has feelings for Sloan.

It's far from certain, but them getting back together is something to bet on.

Who breaks up: It's pretty clear from recent comments by Patrick Dempsey that it's not Meredith and Derek breaking up. An interview with Kevin McKidd to be released next week should make it pretty obvious as to whether Cristina and Owen call it quits.

Hmm. Who do you think breaks up on Grey's Anatomy?

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ik hoop dat in seizoen 7 Mark en Lexie terug samen gaan ze horen gewoon samen dus MARK EN LEXIE MOETEN SAMEN !!!!!!


I think Arizona wants kids but theres something in her past that she is hiding.
Mark and Lexie! They need each other.
Owen is going to cheat on Christina.
April needs to jump off, clearly he doesnt like her. He doesnt even look at her! he loves Mer.I think she might end up with Alex. And he is too good for her!


If GA manages to continue to S8 there needs to be some characters who have unresolved romances, and I think Mark and lexie could be simmering away for a while yet. They do have to get past a big hurdle in mark wanting babies and whether he'll hold off that wish so lexie can have career. Or whether lexie will want Mark and adjust her career to be with mark


Lexie and Mark need to get back together!! They are my favorite cou


Omg, Calzona and Crowen both have equal probability of breaking up imo. Calzona's facing the baby issue, while Crowen has the PTSD & Teddy issue. I really hope it's not either of the couples *Cross fingers* But there's no one else :(


PLEASE GET MARK AND LEXIE BACK TOGETHER !!! Shonda ignore all the comments against Mark and Lexie,the only truth is that they belong to eachother its CLEARLY that there are still feelings,and getting back together,it will bring more light in the show.Make sure Lexie ends up with Mark they are ment to me.Sloan is the only one who seperated them,its is UNFAIR! Both of Mark and Lexie are mature and commited when they are together


Well, I dont think it would be Callie and Arizona who breaks up. You know it would be too obvious i mean nothing surprising, Callie wants kids so does Mark so yeah, they would be the perfect couple but that would not be "game changing" at all. On the other hand, the chick from Mercy West, the one who is in love with Derek, there must be a reason they bring her back. I'm not saying that Derek will leave Mer, I'm saying that I'm expecting something huge.


I think Mark and Lexie should stay away from each as much as possible for the longer as possible. Maybe by season 7 finale they should get back together, but not now. Lexie needs to grow up and so is Mark. He wants children but he needs to stop sleeping around like a whore.


I used to like Mark and Lexie together. But I like her with Alex, and I was hoping that meaningless sex might turn into a relationship. I guess will just have to wait and see. If Lexie and Mark do get back together, I don't want Alex to sleep with random people.

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