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I think April will be seeing the walls of the fifth floor very soon.


There are promo photos for the season finale, and April is there...


@Rachel and others

The sides for the fire say it is an apartment block and one of the doctors brings a girl with burned legs out ,and then goes back in to try to rescue more people.So its not Casa Grey


Re "one of hospital's doctors will also have to contend with a deadly fire in her home." I agree with the other posters, it is Meredith's house. Also, because Meredith's house is the only "house" that we've seen of any of the doctors. The rest live in apartment/condos or whatever. Hope it doesn't burn to the ground. I like that house.

Well, that will force Meredith's roommates to leave. Will Meredith have to live in the trailer? Ugh.

And, I guess someone will die in the fire. But, who?

Can't wait.


I think it could either be Alex's trailer (is he still living there?) or Mer's house that catched fire, only because Mark, Callie, Arizona, Cristina, and Owen all live in the same apartment building. That would be crazy! And as for the multi car pileup, maybe that will involve one of the doctors or their all too buisy to deal with the fire? Whatever happens, it's gonna be good!


I 100% agree with you on that but i do think Mers house goes on fire....


I think Shonda Rhimes is trying to play down the Derek/April thing because something will definitely happen. I just really can't see them doing this storyline with no consequences...! And why bring her back in the first place if nothing is going to happen. I think the fire will be at Meredith's house...April will start it, but instead of thinking Meredith is home it is actually Derek!!


Form what I have been reading in this article, what comes to mind in the case April's character is CARRIE.

I think that she might set Meredith's house on fire in thinking that she gets fired again.

A theory is that Meredith and Christina are in the house together.

My theory of the sugerical skills story line of Meredith and Christina is that they might have to operate of the men that they love. (Derek and Owen because they could be in the fire house that April set off.)


I really wish they will mock April or make fun of her LOL. I wish we could see that or Meredith kick her ass before and tell her 'He is mine' or something lol.
I think she will get fired in the next episodes..


Lexie must speak to Derek and Mer about April.She's crazy and she can do all,she can hurt to Mer.I hope that in the 6.21 Derek fires April and bigfoot.

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