Grey's Anatomy Scoop on April, Mark and a Fiery Finale

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Grey's Anatomy is back tomorrow night with its first episode in three weeks and the first of five (counting the two-hour finale as two) to close out the current season.

What can we expect Thursday and beyond? Fancast reports the following ...

  • On April: When the show returns tomorrow night, the Mercy Wester will be "as creepy as ever" – so much so that people will start noticing. Hmmm.
  • On tomorrow night's episode: McSteamy becomes an actual grandfather. Meanwhile, Teddy’s vulnerable (and presumably bikini-waxed) side is revealed when her position is thrown into jeopardy, and things only get messier for Mark and Lexie.
  • On the game-changing finale: “Seattle Grace Hospital is hit with a crisis like no other in its history,” after which “Cristina and Meredith’s surgical skills are put to the ultimate test.” Okay, that tells us nothing, but your theories are welcomed!
April and Lexie

What can we expect from Lexie and April tomorrow?

Meanwhile, TV Guide has this to say about what by all accounts is an explosive season finale: "A multi-car pileup that floods Seattle Grace with victims. Meanwhile, one of hospital's doctors will also have to contend with a deadly fire in her home."

Shonda Rhimes says: "Fans should brace themselves. That's the only way to put it."

"Brace yourself. We're going to take you on a ride for the last two hours of the season, and when the ride is over, none of our characters are going to be the same."

"It's very different in comparison to the other finales."

Thoughts? Opinions? Comment away!

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If anyone has noticed, Sarah Drew (April) isn't listed in the 6.22 press release. Perhaps she'll get fired after the lawsuit. ITA ana114, I'm assuming everyone is going to mock her...and I'll enjoy that.


Meredith's house is going to catch on fire and they are later going to find that Izzie was in the house while it burned down.


Shonda said on twitter that April will not go psycho on Derek or anyone. I think this April's crush is going to end on the next episode. When April realizes that everybody has notice her crush and that she is making a fool of herself. April probably will see Meredith closing the blinds saying "Chief Shepherd" she probably overhears, and realize that Derek so doesn't care about her at all.


I too think April is going to go all Fatal Attraction on Derek, ending with Derek badly hurt with Meredith and Christina doing surgery on him.


I think that April will go crazy and just attack Derek when he says he's not interested and that she hurts him, really bad, and that's why Mer end Chri is suppose to use there surgical skills.

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