Heroes Might Actually Get Renewed

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As a rather harsh critic of Heroes, I'll try to deliver this news with the stoicism of Tom Brokaw:

NBC is seriously considering renewing the show for a fifth season.

Primetime President Angela Bromstad made that announcement this week, as she spoke to reporters about the network's recent pick-up of Parenthood.

Asked about other shows on the bubble, specifically Chuck and Heroes, Bromstad indicated that each would receive a 13-episode order for the 2010-2011 season.

Nathan's Funeral

Seen here, HRG, Claire and Peter are sadly NOT attending the funeral for Heroes.

"It is all yet to be debated," she said. "Both of those shows make sense with the new shows we'll be bringing on."

They do? What new shows will NBC be bringing on? True Hollywood Stories: Terribly Constructed Dramas That Make Everything Up As They Go Along and the Networks That Won't Cancel Them?!?

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Its about time they revieve the best tv show of all time, ever, ever, ever.


I definitely loved the show, I actually watched it on netflix. I'm still hoping they actually renew the show. I don't understand why they do cancel such interesting shows, and not even make a movie.


For all you critics of a show that has no ending or a "concise direction". first off, id love to see you write a plausible tv drama that is as far out there as Heroes. Some people like the fact that the show has no end in sight because it leaves endless opportunities for the plot to branch off. As for Matt Richenthal, who wrote the article, your a flaming pile, just because you think your above the show, doesnt mean your views conform with the general population, check forums, weigh the bad reviews vs the good, garuntee the ladder outweighs the former, and if your worried about views NBC, heres an idea, put out new episodes less often (as in fewer and farther between), therefore viewers are more intent on tuning into the show, rather than waiting for the dvd to come out, basic business sense. Who in the hell are you paying to think for you guys? if its Matt Richenthal, i suggest a new brain, cuz if intelligence were fuel, he wouldnt have enough gas to power a pissants motorcycle around the inside of a cheerio.


I mean no disrespect. I am just pointing out the facts as I see will be something to be observant of. I am very watchful as to how things work and the cause and effect of such actions.. I know that there will be mass troubles if this continues, along with the many other happenings which have already occured in the history of NBC that has even the remotest likenesses to such situation. Please be aware that your viewers are among those who have the control of what you are able to put on air. Sure, you could put back on all of the episodes of Giligans Island, but would it be what the viewers really want? And, if it isnt, what would be the count for your viewers after you made the statement that you were going by "what the viewers standpoint count, or viewers ratings" be? To make a show, you must remember that once you have started something, it must come to a finish. But, to be a true finish, it must conclude the greatest majority of what the story has brought up.


Personally, I would really prefer to see another season of Heroes.. I would like for it to be of better standards than the last, not that they were all that foul, but in a more concise and determined direction. I have enjoyed all of the seasons of Heroes very much and am in great hope that there may be some way to give it one last chance to complete its storyline. There is so much that has been just left open, and the story has no imaginable ending, as yet. I just think that it could and would be to better interest of those fans who have been so focused and attentive to the story to give it some well thought out and respectable ending to the story. Just canning it isnt something that is or ever will sit well for NBC, since its viewers will have that in mind when announcements are made over newer shows that will, quite likely; end up in the same boat. There will be distrust in the branding and the consignments for NBC and its affiliates. I am just placing this reminder to all of the CEO's and upper management who just love their monthly bonuses.. or those that they have had that will surely be cut when the stocks start to drop and the clientel start to drop out.


NBC is run by Capitalist Money Pigs...
It's not enough that millions of people still watch.........
It's not enough that it lasted to develop a true following... It doesn't matter that they sabotaged the show's progress
changing the time slot...
I'm sure it doesn't matter that more and more people are watching
television online... The only thing that matters is that NBC make billions of dollars,
or its just not worth it to them.... what losers....
Just like Fox, i'll add them to my boycott list.. Who does that?
Take a highly watched show and push it back two hours in the time
slot....Don't you idiots realize the younger gen has to go to bed before ten around most of the continent.... 1) Put it back on at 8pm...I hate waiting for my loved show...
2) Small changes to the writing to appease the mouthy egg-heads whom complain too much....plot out the remaining series...
3) Do it....don't talk about it......can it...don't I guarantee it'll be the last unfinished series I watch from nbc.


i think that the person that adds the news should be changed or at least he should be neutral about it. because the only people that look in to heroes news ..ARE HEROES FANS!!!!
I know groundbreaking but i seems that the person writing the news does not know.
P.S: love heroes and i dont care if the 4th season wasn´t that good.


I think most if not all of the hardcore heroes fans who were through all the seasons would agree, that season 1 was the best with season 2 behind it. From what i hear a lot of people liked season 1 because they kept building up to this ultimate moment where peter and sylar would finally square off and the future would be decided. Season 4 kind of did this by telling us of samuel's "master plan". Both built up endings were pretty lame at least in my opinion. They could have done so much more with peter and sylar's first fight instead of sylar choking him and then peter punching me a few times to get angry enough to go nuclear. I think they should do like everyone is suggesting, do the 13 episodes wrap it up, go back to basics and leave the heroes fans with something worthy enough to remember the show by. Don't get me wrong I'd love to see heroes keep going, but it's definitely on it's last leg and it needs to come up with something big. I wold like to see peter get his original powers back, although if it's 13 episodes is there really enough time or even a need for him to get them back? I think a lot of people liked having peter and sylar has the 2 powerhouses it was like yin/yang light/dark...etc etc. When he lost his powers and somehow his "empathy" by his dad taking them which made no sense i was so dissapointed. They had it right in the earlier seasons then as people said, the show completely did a 180 a changed on us. Hopefully they can bring it back to basics and give us something worth watching.


eak3, I agree with you about season 4. It was going to good until they killed off Nathan. And as much as I love Sylar, Peter and Hiro. Nathan had the most potential for having the most interesting story in the show. HMMMM, In politics and has an ability. How Tim and his writers couldn't see that, I don't know.


I thought season 4 was amazing up until they "fired"/killed off Nathan .. after the hiatus the season was disorganized and downright boring. The finale was garbage, once again the writers insult us with the is Sylar good or evil nonsense. Sylar should have stayed dead at the end of s1. I thought Robert Knepper was a great addition to the cast and thoroughly enjoyed his character till they finally revealed him as the emo jaded villian at the end. Hopefully this will be the last 13 episdoes.. just keep it simple, stick with the mains, add a villian, and for heavan's sake please kill off Claire.


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Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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