Josh Charles on The Good Wife, Will and Alicia Romance: A Wonderful Surprise

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As a vital cog in the The Good Wife cast, Josh Charles plays Will Gardner. He's Alicia's friend, boss... and maybe something more.

When asked by Entertainment Weekly if he could have predicted the kind of success and critical acclaim this show has received in its first season, the actor replied: no way.

"I knew it had a great cast. But other than that, what else do you know? You’re sort of jumping into this ship," Charles said. "The things that I was able to tell you come out of talking to [co-creator Robert King] about the character and getting more a sense myself of the character."

And what does he now make of Will?

"He’s ruthless. He seems cutthroat, very competitive. He can make hard decisions. But I also think he’s incredibly loyal, pragmatic at times, and practical. And lonely. That’s the sense I get. He’s a character that has worked really hard to achieve what he’s achieved and now he’s sittin’ there a little lonely and wondering if this is all there is."


As for his character's relationship with Alicia, Charles sounds unsure - but excited - about where it's all going...

"Like everything with the show, it’s been just a wonderful surprise. I had a hint from the pilot and what was discussed with me when I joined... You read these scripts each week, and I’m just always blown away by the attention to subtlety and to nuance and at times, ambiguity. I feel like they write in a way that lends us, when we play the scenes, to bring a lot of subtextual interaction to it."

The Good Wife returns with new episodes on April 27.

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alicia and will , I love seeing them together


There is a great chemistry between Alicia and Will. I just dont see the connection between Alicia and Peter. Good chemistry leaves a great impact on the characters and it made the characters real. This is what casting is all about. So, I really really hope Alicia will be with Will. I am already mesmerised by their stares to each other.


I LOVE this show and please keep her with Will!! I love seeing them together =) !!!!!!!!!!!!


I really enjoy this drama, it is an amazing show. Please make Alicia choosing Will, I want seeing them together. Will has been showing his romances to Alicia for many times, and Alicia has got his message too. Will seems loving Alicia deeply. I really like that. I am glad to see Alicia without refusing him, but she expects that Will can form a PLAN. It is a wonderful start, and I love seeing their relatinship can be turned in a positive direction. It has a HOPE there, please make this relationship works on them.


I like seeing Will and Alicia together, they will become a nice couple definitely. I have seen Will is kind of guy who is willing to step away from all attractive women is just to wait for a true word from Alicia. He has been loving her for long...long time. I like this guy because you hardly find this man in world. Although Alicia has got two kids and family, and he doesn't really care that much about this. Unrequited Love is difficult to both of them, it is a painful experience to him. Unfaithful men are getting too much in this world, please make this drama telling these unfaithful people that everything has a PRICE. What you


PLEASE keep Alicia @ Peter together, I believe he should prove he loves her and that they could be very steamy together in and out of the bedroom!! The Good Wife would make it work, leaving now would ruin the the Show!!


keep her with peter, he made mistakes, let some of them be because he wa set up, maybe some of it was from wills doing. keep them together in and out of marriage!!!!


Hmm somehow i actually didn't see any of the sexual tension between Will and Alica, before the show decided that they wanted it (that was in episode 17 called "Heart"). I am not that big of a fan of either Will or Peter, so if Alica where to be unfaithful or dump him for real, then i hope they make the Alica relationship to a new person (Kalinda maybe, if they decided to do so) a little more interesting. Cause if the show ends up making Alica go with Will it will end up like half of the movies and shows out there with similar Theme relationship wise; they go for a old flame or stay faithful etc etc. i say we send her off in to the sunset with Kalinda or someone else other than Will or Peter. But ofc this just my opinion i know Most people disagree with me. PS: sorry if there is a lot of spelling mistakes and stuff, Not From England or America.


Also agree with leconsdanatomie. I'm growing tired of hearing complaints over the path the show is taking just because it's called The Good Wife. Seriously. So the name of the show should change if she decides to be with Will, or, because that's the show's name she shouldn't have a choice in the first place. She's been The Good Wife for 15 years to a man who wasn't faithful, loyal or honest.


agree with leconsdanatomie....just because she has too many on her plate doesnt meant she has to swallow everything...i would imagine she's a smart lady who is able to decide what is best for her...let it be with Peter or Will or neither....though i personally root for Will...

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