One Tree Hill Star Previews Series Return, Season Finale

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On the heels of One Tree Hill's return to The CW this Monday, James Lafferty has a few teases for fans.

In an interview with E! News, the actor previews the storylines to come on One Tree Hill, including key information about the season finale. Will it be the series finale? Let's hope not.

"It's realistic that it could be our last season," Lafferty said, as the network has not revealed its plans for the show yet. "I'm signed on. Everybody's signed on. It's all ready to go. There's been no conflict on our parts. It's up to the powers that be."

Instead of stewing over that sad news, let's take a look ahead. What can viewers expect over the next few episodes?

"They're going to see their favorite characters making a lot of important decisions in their lives. That's not to say there's finality to it, but there's definitely things that are going to happen to the main characters that are going to affect the rest of their lives."

OTH Scene

As for the May 17th seventh season finale?

Lafferty said it will find the group in Utah, which is the location of Julian's movie premiere.

"That is our season finale, us going to Utah. You can speculate on the reasons why we would be in Utah."

You heard the man, fans. Speculate away!

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    I don't want the show to end. Season 1-4 were great, 5-6 were kind of (really) bad and the 7th has been very good so far.


    I love OTH...really,and I enjoy to watch.But after season 5,I think I lost my feel to this show.But I stil watch it,maybe.....definitely because brooke stil in.
    I dont know....if they want to continue with another season,I personally think that they need more Brooke Davis.U know what I mean,the character that can make u feel.....alive.GREAT JOB SOPHIA.


    I would like One Tree Hill to end as well.


    One Tree Hill has been on the air for 7 years. As we keep proving we are the most loyal fans out there and I'm loving season 7. That's part of the reason why I want a season 8 but the biggest reason is the fact that we deserve an amazing finale, after 7 years the fans, the crew, and the every body who ever loved or worked on the show deserve an amazing finale and we won't get it in season 7 since the CW is keeping it all a secret and the series finale may end with someone getting shot or something like that. And that's it. AFter 7 years, that's it. WE DESERVE MORE. WE DESERVE A SEASON 8!


    i agree!I've loved oth since the very start but there's nothing exciting and new to come!and i don't want it to turn into one of those shows that are on losing more and more viewers. I keep watching for loyalty and to know what's about with Brooke but to be honest ive lost interest...


    I love One Tree Hill- but the show has took its run and I think it is time to go (on a high note)