Who is Pregnant on 90210?

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Before this season of 90210 concludes, a character will reveal herself to be pregnant.

We know who it is. But it's no fun to just come out and tell you! So, let's play a game:

Below, we've listed the candidates to be knocked up, along with the reasons why viewers should suspect them. Tomorrow, we'll update this article and announce the individual that's actually expecting, so remember to visit TV Fanatic 24 hours from now.

Until then, let the guessing begin...

NAOMI: She and Liam are having a lot of sex - and AnnaLynne McCord is on record as saying the season finale ends with a shot of her character's face.

SILVER: Her and Teddy are getting serious. We assume intercourse will soon follow. And, as Bristol Palin has proven, we all know what can happen if you're not careful.

JEN: She's definitely coming back this season, that much is confirmed. Might she have startling news for Ryan?

DEBBIE: Her and her Yoga teacher are getting close, and Rob Estes is leaving the show. Could Harry pack up and move away because his wife's affair results in a pregnancy?

KELLY: She hasn't been seen in awhile, but is expected back for one final episode. Perhaps she's visiting Dylan. We all know the physical chemistry these two have always shared.

Naomi Photo
Hot Silver
Jen and Naomi
Kelly and the Wilsons

One of these women is pregnant on 90210. Who do you think it is?

** UPDATE: Ready for the reveal? Read on...

It's Jen! The character will return later this season and drop a bombshell on Ryan: they'll be in each other's lives for at least the next 18 years.

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Oh another thing. Here's my prediction about the paternity of Jen's kid. I bet she thinks it's Ryan's, but is telling her French husband Olivier (sp?) that it's actually his. That might explain another reason why she apparently hightailed back to her French husband so quickly after Naomi kicked her out after the truth was revealed back in December. I think she wanted to purchase the Beverly Hills Beach Club with Olivier so she could get closer to Ryan and be able to tell him the baby is actually his. As the show's plotline goes on, I think viewers will find out that it's NOT Ryan's kid at all as Jen thinks, but instead belonging to one of the other guys she was dating while she dated Ryan (after all, she tended to date several guys at once and wasn't exactly prudent).


It really angers me to hear that beotch is pregnant, although I could have seen this spoiler coming from a mile away. In my opinion, the "proof" came during this week's preview of next week's episode, where Naomi encountered Jen and looked down then up with a bug-eyed, bewildered look...obviously spotting a baby bump. What really makes me mad about Jen's pregnancy, is that it always seems that the people I hate the most are always the ones that get pregnant...not just in terms of 90210, but in real life too. On 90210 first they had Adrianna get pregnant, and at a time that I disliked Adrianna for being such a spoiled drug addicted snob (since then her character has grown a lot and she's a better person now, but I really didn't like her back then). And now Jen, who I've always hated 10000X than I ever disliked Adrianna. Meanwhile, Brenda (one of my old favorites from the original 90210 series) is deemed infertile while childless in her 30s...something I can relate to a little too well sadly. :( Unfortunately, I see this stuff occur in real life too...hmmm makes me wonder if maybe I should become a "bad girl" like Jen and maybe THEN I'll be sporting baby bump too! Hmmmm!


I think Jen and Ryan were great together and Jen actually felt for him. But on the other hand, I can't stand Lauren-Ivy(family Sullivan) for their act "oh we are so cool-i do pot and my daughter use words like dude"


So my theory is that Jen comes back and tells Ryan its his kid but really it isnt. She has an ex husband, slept with Liam, Who knows how many other men she has slept with! I bet she wants to screw with Ryans head or misses him! Maybe she isnt even really pregnant she just needs money because she has no more and people in her life because she alienated everyone.


Liam is not the father cuz it has been a year since the prom and the baby only comes out now? IMPOSSIBLE It's Ryan's I guess and she must be how many months preggers by now.


Yes!!! as soon as i saw her name i knew it!!! Is it me or am i the only one who likes jen with ryan, i kied it how she tried to play him in the beggining but eventually fell for him unexpectally


Holy shit


can we leave bristol palin out of this? thanks.


well duh! though kind of wish it was naomi as don't like ryan or jen much


Dudes are you stupid. It's Jens with Ryans. Er hello if she was pregnant with Liams, she would of nearly had the baby by now. Use your calenders. DUH.

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.