Taylor Momsen Records Kick-Ass Song, Video

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For Jenny Humphrey, this has been quite a dark and stormy season, especially lately.

For Taylor Momsen and her band, The Pretty Reckless, it was a dark, stormy night.

At least on the set of their recent video shoot. The group's debut single "Make Me Wanna Die" took them from the comfy indoors to a soaking wet Brooklyn cemetery.

"Our shoot day was plagued by a horrible rain storm, but we still managed to venture out into the cold, wet night to film," the 16-year-old Gossip Girl star tells People.

Taylor Rockin'

The Meier Avis-directed video for the song, which appears on the Kick-Ass movie soundtrack, should be interesting to see. Taylor is really branching out these days.

If you want to see her live, The Pretty Reckless will take the stage at the Bamboozle Music Festival on May 1 before joining the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

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Taylor's voice is amazing! Listen to the live stuff. Love that song.




I searched for Pretty Reckless on youtube. Taylor's got the voice, but her clothes are.....bljak.


Stop being haters! I love the song! Taylor is amazing singer and actor and have such a cool style. Her band is amazing.


I've listened to all Pretty Reckless songs I could dig up on YouTube, and Make me Wanna Die is definitely my favourite. And for people saying it's not original/her voice is processed - LOL! What *is* original? Does that even exist anymore? For now I can just applaud her and her band for at least not making generic pop crap. Also, 90% of music today is predictable, processed and overambitious. I generally avoid comparing Taylor to Leighton, especially because I like them both, but I really hated every Leighton's song. Make Me Wanna Die, He Loves You and A.D.D. made me hum the music for weeks.


Checked out some videos of her gig last weekend on youtube and was really surprised. She has a really powerful voice, especially considering her age and the slightness of her physique. Anyone who says she can't sing has swapped their mouth for another orifice, if you get my meaning.


People, you are such haters! I think the song is great and it's pretty awesome that the girl is pursuing her passion. When you record your track to a movie then talk.


Am i the only one who knows that the lyrics of this song are plagerised from NUMBER 1 CRUSH BY GARBAGE?! not original. fake. poser.


Heh, look what Page Six is reporting: Taylor Momsen will have you know she is nothing like her Gossip Girl costars, particularly Leighton Meester, whose musical ambitions are mainstream and pathetic. "We're all cordial and nice to each other, but we're not really friends outside the set. We're doing a different thing: She's putting out a pop record, which is awesome." (1.) Coming from the Warped Tour's princess of teen rebellion, "pop record" and "awesome" are quiet insults. (2.) Does "not really friends" mean Little J is confirming Gossip Girl's onset romances were fake? Or just that she isn't part of them?


Doesn't anyone see that that's not her real voice? I mean, I could sing like that if I had someone to correct my every mistake with ProTools.


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