Tonight's Grey's Anatomy: What Did You Think? 04/29/2010

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Tonight's Grey's Anatomy, "Hook, Line and Sinner," Sloan (the younger, female one) returned to Mark’s apartment and life, and the birth of her child changed McSteamy's life forever.

Meanwhile, the arrival of a boat captain lead to a lot of bad fishing jokes and caused serious consternation for Derek, as did the matter of Teddy's job. It was an eventful episode!

TV Fanatic's recap and official review will be posted soon, along with quotes, music, and our Round Table discussion. For now, we want to hear your opinion on this week's Grey's.

What struck you the most about this episode, the show's first new one in weeks? Do you like where the characters and stories are going as we gear up for the big Season 6 finale?

Sloan Cubed

So many Sloans, so many big decisions to make.

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What did you think of tonight's Grey's Anatomy, "Hook, Line and Sinner"?

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oh one more thing: the music was way too loud (again)!!


I think that the episode was great.Perhaps i 'd had wanted less Mark and more Merder.I loved Calzona but i didn't love Teddy and Owen.Mark lost everywhere but he has not known to manage daughter and engaged.Cri is hilarius as always and i think the breakup is the Owina.April is wery crazy ,in the or she smiles isn't normal.I thought that Shonda 'd had changed something way but she's continued on the same way...she's happy her ...


Couldn't care about the patients storylines this time very much, but that was because the other stories are so interesting right now. I just love the story about Callie and Arizona! I don't think Arizona was mean (alright she got pissed because Callie was psycho analysing her, wouldn't you?!); why is wanting a baby more importent than not wanting one?! It such a cruel dilemma. I really hope they'll make it. They seemed a bit better in the ending, you can tell they love each other very much... question is: is it enough?! I'm glad baby Sloan is gone, but it was okay that they spent another episode on the subject. First I thougt 'okay this will be the same story for the third time' but it was kind of different this time; I liked that it was about reason (thanks to Arizona) and about that other familymember, the daughter herself (thanks to Derek). Big Sloan grew up a little bit - again! I like Owen and Teddy so much more than Owen and Cristina, they just look so great together. Can't wait for the break-up! (don't get mad, it's just: if it's them, it might not be Calzona ;) ) Is Alex blocking his feelings for Lexie!? Seemed like it. I think he's broken after Izzie left and won't allow himself to be vulnerable again. So he's acting like a jerk. But the way he was looking at sleeping Lexie... might be too late?!


I think it would be very sad after all AZ has been through with Callie if Callie just walked off and left her. I still have faith in what Shonda keeps saying. That they are made for each other. That they almost break up and then get back together. If a child isn't something AZ wants. Then Callie needs to just drop it. If she is inlove with AZ. Face it...AZ has been the best thing that ever happen to Callie. And AZ loves her. But if they can't work it out. It would totally break my heart. But I'de like for AZ to just leave her and let her deal with being alone awhile. Then she might realize what AZ means to her. AZ was a little hateful tonight. But I don't blame her. Callie won't give it a rest. Although at the end I did see a little glimmer of hope for them.


'This is my wife Dr Meredith Grey' Loved that line:)


I loved the episode exept for the fest of Teddy! Loved her admiration for Tom Evans. That scene with her and MerDer was great:) I didn't like Arizona in the episode. It's not fair for Callie to give up her dream to become a mum. She wanted kids even when she was married to George. She should dump her and get with Mark lol (that's me:P) Mark broke my heart:( His scenes with him and Derek were amazing especially the one with baby Sloan. That was a low blow of Owen. He told Derek it's okay to let Teddy go. Because she is a temptation for him and he doesn't want to deal with his feelings toward her:/ So sad for Cristina:( Loved Dr. Bailey and thank god Lexie stood up for herself. April is annoying and patethic!! Ughh at her laugh.. I loved Jackson he needs to have more scenes with Meredith!! The MerDer at the end were sooo cute. Love seductive Mer;) But we need more MerDer. They are amazing:D


LOVED the little Alex-Lexie-Bailey story. Best team ever! ;)


I thought tonight's episode was an improvement of all the last episode's of the season i actually liked it , The last scene of Mer/Der was great but a bit short we need more of them and less Mark drama. The Alex/Lexie thing i dont mind it. Izzie is gone and is not coming back so Alex needs to move on even if it just for sex i hope they give them a good story line or something that make them work it i cant wait for the season finale o.o they are making a big deal of the baby thing between Arizona and Callie i hope they just move on to another thing i hope they dont break up .


i thought it was a great episode! i was annoyed by Mark for almost the entire season but he sorta did redeem himself tonight. I actually felt sympathetic towards the stuff he's going through and he behaved like an actual dad tonight. Owen..did he say what he said to derek because he can't deal with the feelings that he's having towards teddy? Poor Cristina..she totally trusted Owen... Callie and Arizona: oh my god watching them argue made my heart break into a million pieces. Arizona did seem a little mean but then again i'd feel pretty frustrated too if someone repeatedly assumes that im somehow "broken" for not wanting to have kids. But at the same time you can't blame Callie either..she clearly wants kids and she just wants to find a way to work through this with AZ. I don't think anyone's in the wrong here. I have no doubt they love each other a lot. I have a feeling AZ might break up with Callie though because she doesn't want Callie to sacrifice her dreams for her... btw that bed scene was amazingly beautiful (and sad). Both actresses did a great job.


I think after tonights eppy that Callie and AZ will be ok. I might be wrong. But I have a glimmer of hope for them now. Callie loves her despite her not wanting to have babies.


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