Tristan Wilds On: Dixon's Gambling Rob Estes Departure and More

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As 90210 inches closer to its second season finale, Dixon Wilson has a lot on his plate.

His mother might be having an affair, he's developed feelings for Ivy and what began as a harmless gambling habit has morphed into a possible addiction.

What's next for this character? How will these issues be resolved? And how does the actor feel about Rob Estes leaving the show?

Watch TV Guide's interview with Wilds below.

[video url="" title="Tristan Interview"][/video]

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hahahahahaha omg wow!!! damn i must've been really pissed of at tristan when i wrote this message. I DON'T HATE TRISTAN & HIS NOT DUMB!! i guess i was just sooo pissed off that whenever he does an interview he never gives us a hint about whats gonna happen in 90210, like the other cast do on every 1 of their interviews. he always leave us hanging and that made me ANGRYY!!! damn i can be mean when im angry.lmao but he is one of the young, hot, talented, african american actor we have today :)


Am i the only who thinks debbie and harry have got intersting all of a sudden


why is rob estes leaving the show?


Good i guess harry will be dieing then, jasper kills him that would be more interisting. Never liked Dixon, Ivy deserves better. Hopefully Layla ruins Adrianna's career and Liam gets bitched, hes been the main drama queen and he hasnt gotten nearly enough punishment as the girls have... poor Annie


nicki if you hate him so much why watch a video about him and im black and if anybody's making us look bad its you


I hate tristans hair!!!!!!!!


I dont understand why they break couples uo just to put them back together its always oh wow somebody hates the love of their life and now there together. Im so tiredof this show right now my favorite couple is liam & niaomi but, they continue to break them up??!?!?!


I should have too. :) mistyped checked. :)


Um, nicki, Dixon is dumb? Before making that statement you should have checkd your spelling and sentence structure because they're not correct.


damn nicki, you really hate dixon

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.