White Collar to Make Like Gladiator on Season Two, Creator Says

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Can you picture Matt Bomer as Russell Crowe in Gladiator, clad in blood, sweat and body-revealing armor?

Many White Collar viewers would love to do just that, and creator Jeff Eastin says the comparison will actually become apt when season two premieres this summer.

Speaking to Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly, Eastin previewed what's ahead on this USA hit:

"The first season was Neal’s pursuit of Kate. [Next] season is about Neal’s pursuit of the person who killed Kate. We’re really shifting to more of a Gladiator style mythology. Peter’s quest this year will be trying to figure out what the music box means and what the clue in that ultimately leads to. At some point, those mythologies will crisscross.”

And if Bomer ends up donning an outfit similar to Crowe's below, all the better for female fans of the series.

Russell Crowe
Neal looking good

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Errghh so Kate is dead? Why? That would have been such a great storyline? Why did they build her up all Season 1 to kill her in some lame explosion? Ok, now I'm not so interested. That Sarah girl...blah, the Alex or Lexi girl blaah. Kate was the only interesting one with mystery and intrigue plus she's beautiful! I'll possibly wait for episodes to pile up then watch when they show re-runs.


Wake up Wazza, old news and ladies don't seem to care in Mr. B's case, we all still swoon - just expands the target audience to you fellas. He is perfection...


OK, we saw her in the plane but not at the time it blew. SO that is very open ended. More story lines I guess. Also ML says that him in a skirt will make the lady's swoon.........NEWSFLASH, he is gay and has a husband. SO I think his target audience is of a more different persuasion. Just like the entire premise of the show. Which I do enjoy BTW.


So she is DEAD!?!?!?!?!?!

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