Who Will Mark Hook Up With on Grey's Anatomy?

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One of the burning questions as Season Six of Grey's Anatomy winds down is who Mark Sloan hooks up with - an incident that may end up driving him back to Lexie.

We know for a fact that Teddy, who McSteamy quasi-dated, is not involved in this scenario. We also know it isn't Bailey or Meredith, because ... well, come on, right?

There are some other long shots out there (Cristina, Arizona), because you just never know, but in all likelihood we see it narrowing down to three primary options:

Callie Torres or one of the two Mercy West transplants.

Callie's relationship with Arizona seems a likely candidate for this May's big breakup, and we know her history with Mark. Reed and April? They're ... well, available.

Who do you think it is? Vote and comment below ...

Father of Sloan

Mark Sloan is totally going to get with ...

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I think to see Lexie that takes for the hairs Redd and Meredith that takes for the hairs April ,so we 'have Wrestling's Anatomy ,a beautiful scene 'll be,while Cri takes for the hairs bigfoot ...ahhh i'm diing to smile.Mark 'll take care about Lexie and Derek for Mer,too.While Hunt 'll take care about bigfoot and no Cri...too strong this scene.Naturally this all in the my mind.


It's Reed. Why? Would be a good question. Did Mark's daughter Sloan take off again and wound her father to the core again like she did last time. Don't like Mark at all when he's all manwhore. Reed seems too sweet for a manwhore like Mark, she was playful with Alex and all flirty but what makes Mark and Reed a couple?, it won't last. Would like to see Lexie get all jealous and get into a cat fight with Reed, after the fight Lexie realizes that she still loves Mark and she stops having meaningless sex with Alex.


@ Ellie ,@ A , @ croupe ,and all the people voting for callie Kristen who told us about the hookup in the first place says
It involves a newbie ,its not Teddy , the person was once on an NBC show and she is Stinky .She has told us everything but mention Norah Zehetner by name .
Its not Addison ( There are no more crossovers this season)
Its not Cris ( She has been there longer than Mark)
Its not Callie( Sara has neither worked on an NBC show or is a newb)
Norah was in Heroes and Kristin nicknamed her STINKARELLA hence the stinky talk


Funny no one mentioned Addison. Is she totally erased of the list of possible candidates?


April or Callie. Callie, because it's, in many ways, obvious and April because she's all after Derek but she can't get him so maybe Mark 'McSteamy' would be a good comparision to her 'McDreamy'.


it wud be so so so so......shocking?..f cristina breaks up wd owen and slept wd mark!!..lol lol lol


Personally, i think it's Reed.


um...ITA with the other posters..Arizona is gay. There's no way she's sleeping with Mark and yes, a big WTH to those who think its Arizona. @Maverick: Mark with Callie and Arizona at the same time?? That's just wrong, and gross..


i want them to end up together!
they know each other more than anyone else
and the two have daddy issues they are related with ..callie and mark should definetly get married and have 5 childrens.:=)
love themmm


Hahaha, Arizona?! No I don't think so, but it would be REALLY surpriing if that will be the case... But for real, I think it's April och Christina. Cuz I think that Christina and Owen breaks up, and maybe marks hooks up with her? Or April, who's just single... But I hope it's Lexie!

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

Derek: I wanna be with you forever, and you wanna be with me forever. In order to do that we need to make vows. A commitment. A contract. Give me a piece of paper.
Meredith: I don't! I... I... I don't. I have post its!
Derek: (takes the post its and a pen) Ok. What do we wanna promise each other?
Meredith: That you'll love me... even when you hate me.
Derek: To love each other, even when we hate each other. (writes it down) No running. Ever! (Mer smiles and comes and sits in front of him) Nobody walks out. No matter what happens.
Meredith: No running.
Derek: (writes it down) What else?
Meredith: That we'll take care of each other, even when we're old, and smelly, and senile. And... if I get Alzheimer's and forget you...
Derek: I will remind you who I am, every day. To take care when old, senile, and smelly (writes it down) This is forever. (signs it) Sign.
Meredith: This is our wedding. A post it? (smiles)
Derek: Mhmmm. If you sign it.
Meredith: (signs it, and hands it back. Has tears in her eyes) Now what?
Derek: Now I kiss the bride. (They kiss)
Meredith: (smiling) Married.
Derek: (smiling) Married. (sticks their post it in Mer's locker) You see that? (Mer nods and smiles) Plenty of time.