90210 Caption Contest: Volume VIII

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As expected, this edition of the 90210 Caption Contest elicited many jokes about Teddy's real age.

We loved them all!

But we can only award one winner per week, and that honor goes to "Vonn" for the caption posted underneath this photo. It was simple yet hilarious.

Thank you to everyone that submitted and entry and remember to do so every week!

Silver Caption Pic

He almost look believable a high school student from up here.

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Spence: Why are you standing like that?
Silver: I'm in so much pain! Your son kept whacking me with his balls last night!
Spence: What???
Silver: He was teaching me how to play tennis. Did I forget to mention that?


Silver: Thats my boyfriend over there
Spence: Sorry do you want an autograph or...

Brianna bass

Spence: How much for a hot dog?


See that's what happens Jessica when the casting department gets drunk before auditions.


Silver: Just smile at Teddy and he'll think we're getting along.
Spence: I don't know how to smile.
Silver: Like this.
Spence: Like this ?


Spence: Hey we should switch clothes
Silver: Why ?
Spence: Ehemm... you're in a jacket i'm in a purple scarf
Silver: (Leans in) Let's change before Teddy sees us


@TishTash , haah plain and simplee i wass laughing for a good half hour :P


Silver: Doesn't Teddy look great out there?
Spence: I think I'd rather stare at you!


@kaykay: I was cracking up for like 15 minutes after I read your caption... hope it wins!


Silver: Don't be obvious spence but you can totally see down that chicks top.

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