90210 Caption Contest: Volume XI

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We offered up a difficult photo for readers to caption up this week, but many gave it their best shot.

The winner was "katrina11," though, for channeling The Pussycat Dolls in her entry. Check it out below, underneath the photo.

Did you lose out? Don't lose hope! Just come back and play every week! Thanks to all participants in this week's 90210 Caption Contest!


Javier: "Adrianna, don't you wish your BOYFRIEND was hot like me?"

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Jam ftw

Javier: I am beautiful no matter what you sayyyyy, words can't brin me down1
Adrianna: Get off the stage! referenced from mean girls :)


JAVIAR: Somebody once told me the woooorld was------uhh umm does anyone know the lyrics? SIMON COWEL: NEXT!


Rebecca Sinclair:Im sorry, auditions for glee are next door.

Melanie xo

Javier : This song is dedicated to Adrianna my only love... Javier: "I'm a barbie girl in the barbie world, life in plastic, it's fantastic.."


Referencing Phoebe's song from Friends Javier: It wasn't just that she was fat,
Adrianna smelled like garbage,
It wasn't just that she was fat,
Adrianna smelled like garbage, Silver: Yeah Adrianna you should loose a few pounds I mean you can totally see your skin over your bones, and you should buy a new deodorant you can so smell the garbage from here to the Gossip Girl set!!


Adriana: (to Navid): Wow he sounds horrible! NAVID: Yeah it must be the crack he bought from this new yorker named Jenny Humphrey. I hear she gets around. Adriana: Why didnt he go to Jasper? NAVID: He likes when they wear disguises, Jenny was a racoon!


javier: smelly cat, smelly cat its not your fault (continues in background)
ade: ok then


javier: (really bad singing/shouting) You make me wanna die
I'll never be good enough...you make me wanna die
Ade: i thought you could sing, you sound just like jenny humphrey


Javiar: (singing poorley)I'm fallin to peiiiices, yeah, i'm falling to peicessss! RANDY: Dog I ain't feelin it tonight. SIMON: Where do I begin. Your vocals sound like a wet cat, u SMELL like a wet cat, and you looked so neverous in your ugly suit i think you peed yourself. Congrats on being the worst singer ever!


Javier: "Adrianna, don't you wish your BOYFRIEND was hot like me?"

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