90210 Episode Stills: "Javianna"

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Poor Adrianna.

On next week's episode of 90210, this character is a very wanted woman.

New singing partner Javier woos Ade, while Navid tries to work up the courage to admit his feelings to his ex-girlfiend. Who will win out? Who do you want to win out? Tune in to "Javianna" to find out more.

Also on tap for the May 11 installment: Liam turns to Annie for support; Debbie gets angry at Harry; Teddy spends the night with Silver; and (sigh!) Jasper returns.

For a complete look at what's on tap for the season finale, visit our section of 90210 spoilers - and get an early look at "Javianna" via the photos below:

Time to Serenate
Soft Embrace
She's Blushing
Navid and Dixon
Highly Desired
Diego Boneta Photo
Javianna Scene

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I'm the oldest of 90 210 fans to see all the chapters there exist the day of release, I love the series. but in fact this very stupid lately, soda, and lack of stone, Atismar and action. it seems a kind family series 7 and not seven teen drama that we all hoped .. I think they should talk to the producers of vampires diaries or grays anatomy to see if the production here to advise and writers ..
Needless violence, sex, drugs, partying, alcohol. problems .. rather than depressed todps methinks adolencentes rehabilitated.
I agree so be good but not saints. ps: you can see the oc and follow that line also. have good actresses that do not exploit the best Jessica Lowndes but was most used by the script in the first season


i love navid and ade!


Omg He's Rocco form Rebelde.! :D:D


I'm sorry, but I'm not liking this story line. I'm already bored with it, and a lot of people already know Ade & Navid will reunite. What's going on with this show it's become so dry, dull, and poorly written?


she'll probably end up with navid
but JAVIER IS SO DARN CUTE. I think she should stick with him (:



How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.