90210 Posters Tease New Romance, Major Confession

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The CW has released a pair of May Sweeps posters for 90210 and each reveals a major spoiler to come over the final season two episodes.

First, we hate to break this to Navid and Adrianna (Nadrianna?) fans, but the couple's seemingly obvious path back to one another is about to hit a major obstacle. A major, handsome obstacle that is - and his name is Javier:

90210 May Sweeps Poster

Meanwhile, it looks like Liam and Annie will soon grow closer, especially when the latter reveals her major secret to the former (while making the only face Sheane Grimes knows how to make, of course):

Annie and Liam Poster

Which of these storylines has you more excited? Do you wanna see Annie and Liam together? Or Navid and Adrianna back together? Sound off now in our 90210 forum!

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eww.. nooo
i dont want liam & annie together


I'm the oldest of 90 210 fans to see all the chapters there exist the day of release, I love the series. but in fact this very stupid lately, soda, and lack of stone, Atismar and action. it seems a kind family series 7 and not seven teen drama that we all hoped .. I think they should talk to the producers of vampires diaries or grays anatomy to see if the production here to advise and writers ..
Needless violence, sex, drugs, partying, alcohol. problems .. rather than depressed todps methinks adolencentes rehabilitated.
I agree so be good but not saints. ps: you can see the oc and follow that line also. have good actresses that do not exploit the best Jessica Lowndes but was most used by the script in the first season




Annaylnne must give good head cause she ain't on the show for her acting ability.


Darn, Lannie are not gonna happen. Annie is the real b##ch! It's kinda boring if she steals Naomi's man again. Crap!


I believe Shanae is a very intersting actress, more intersting that the others, at least she plays (good drama), excepting of course the remark in the below article 'the only face she knows how to make"
I liked her a lot during the show, and actually I didn't like her at all at the begining.
Now it becomes interesting to watch what is going on between her and Liam. And yes I like it, can't wait for the next episodes :).


i took the poster of liam and annie as annie confessing to murdering jasper's uncle...besides they would make one awk couple seeing as this actress has the body of a 12 yr old and a face of a gremlin lol.


i think annie and liam should get together they would make a really good couple he liked her in the beginng of the season before he got together with niami


okay i hate when peaple try and compare the original and the old maybe annie and Naomi were never meant to be friends friends


Totally Annie & Liam. I think they'd be great together & would love to see the fireworks between Naomi & Annie, again. Plus Naomi's been treating Liam like crap so she deserves to loose him...

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.