Blake Lively Steps Out, Looks Awesome

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Blake Lively always looks fabulous.

If you've seen any Blake Lively pictures in your life, you can attest. But these two from the Met Costume Institute Gala - 2009 and 2010 style - caught our eye.

Last year, the Gossip Girl cast member donned a gorgeous, teal-blue Versace number that showed off her chest ... and one of her long legs. Not shabby, Blake.

Then earlier this week, she really switched things here in 2010 with a shorter, teal Marchesa number ... showing off both of her legs! Variety is the spice of life.

Suffice it to say, the girl is rather good-looking and we can see Serena in these dresses.

But which gown looked better on the Gossip Girl star if we had to pick? You tell us ...

Blake and Blake

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shes amazing!!!!! love her style, shes a barbie, shes perfect!!


im not a girl so im excluded xD ALL THOSE WHO SAID THAT SHE'S UGLY, post a link here with your pic on it and let's see how BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE. HYPOCRITES!


i'm starting to think her boobs r fake
they look big and sorta perfect looking
or maybe shes just always using a push up bra or something


That is the thing about the Mett Gala - you either come looking trashy...aka Kristen Stewart...or you come looking gorgeous! Which is Blake's middle name! I do not know why people write she looks like a slut...just because she has good legs? People, the first time she came to the Mett Gala she wore a flawless Ralph Lauren, last year she wore a sexy Versace, this year - funky Marchesa! U say she's got no style? U then have no taste!


second one is better ! :)


She is perfect! I am jealous!


wow. if she's ugly then i guess the rest of us must be absolutely hideous the marchesa one!!
she's a fucking goddess


No style, no classy. Looks like a slut.


she looks hideous
wow blake lively has no style and is ugly.


yet you never say anything nice about taylor..

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