Nate May Go to a Darker Place on Gossip Girl

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With all the recent Chuck and Blair drama - and to a lesser extent, Dan and Serena debate - among Gossip Girl fans, Nate Archibald has almost been lost in the shuffle.

Say this for Nate - he's not digging Serena's (Blake Lively) obvious mental illness, or Taylor Momsen's infamous eye makeup. Well, Chace Crawford isn't, in any case.

"It's an expensive habit," Chace laughs. "It's an expensive raccoon thing."

"She rocks the look, though, I guess."

But is there any hope for Jenny and Nate? Chace admits: "I always thought [Nate and Jenny] was a little weird. There's the age gap, she's still in high school... "

As for a certain blonde girl he dated for a big chunk of this season?

Mr. Man Bangs

"[Serena's] got some issues," Crawford tells E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos. "[But] you're the next one because you're the Nate girl. You got the flowers, right? And the wine and all that? Just making sure. I've been hitting you up for awhile, no response."

Flirting with the interviewer? That's a new one ... a funny new one.

The Gossip Girl season finale was the stuff of legend, and Chace hints that it may propel Nate into a darker place. "That may be where they're going," Crawford says. "It'd be fun to play."

"Who knows, maybe I'll even be the one getting shot next year."

Okay... we like his sense of humor, but don't joke about that, man!

Follow the jump for a video of Chace's interview with E! ...

[video url="" title="Chace Interview"][/video]

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Chace's angry Serena dumped Nate!


nate obviously favored nate and blair over the sernate and nenny.
he said that in previous interviews. hes also said a countless number of times that he thought jenny/nate was weird. i agree! but i love the interview. hes gorgggg (:


I think it would be interesting for Nate to go to a darker place, NOT A DRAMATIC DARK PLACE,but a crazy/reckless/bad boy dark, him going completely nuts, having lots of crazy fun, doing wicked stuff and just not giving a shit about it!! :D That would be awesome!! and stop hazing Kirstin, she´s great and their interview was great! I just can´t get enough of Chace's laugh! What does he do to be so perfect?? Is he from this planet???


umm the interviewer is soo weird!!!


Hey, he was just joking around when he said that about the shooting... So don't give him bull for that! Chace Crawford is a wonderful acter, but the charecter Nate Archibald has had a sucky storyline. I hate to admite it, but Natie was kinda cool when he was with Blair season 1 episode 10- 13, and Blair again in season 2. I hate to admit it, but he doesn't go well with any other than her.. I thought him and Serena would be great, but naah, they're really sucky!! I loved the funny comments he had this start of the season, but towards the end he got bad again... ( when he got it on with S)
I hope Nate will find a good girl- he deserves it.
And Chace Crawford rules!!!


Oh he's going to the dark side. Does that mean he'll stop to use body care products ?


enough with darkness. can't the writers come up with a rich story plot without making the whole show so dark?


he has a movie which is called TWELVE and he needs that look for the movie..


sorry *than


he deserve better storyline then in sesason 3..

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