Chuck Season Four Spoilers: The Search for Mom

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In an interview with Hit Flix, Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak said the show did a lot of "super-epic big things."

That's an understatement: Chuck killed Shaw... and discovered that his late dad had not only been a secret, underground spy - but his mother played a role in that world!

This development will transition straight into season four, as Fedak explains below. First, though, he looks back over recent events on the series...

On Sarah's reaction to Chuck killing Shaw: Chuck is the same guy. Even though he's a hero and done these amazing things, in the end he's actually killed someone to save her live, he's still the Chuck Bartowski who saved her life.

On Chuck as a killer: When it comes to fatalities on Chuck, there will probably never be a moment on the show where if Chuck has to kill someone in the future, that it's a small moment... I think that's an important part of the show. He's a person who's more like Jack Ryan, where if you ever find yourself in a situation where you're going to kill someone, the stakes have to be clear and present.

Chuck Finale Scene

Will Chuck and Sarah remain together? Chuck and Sarah are together, and we're really excited to see them together and be a couple. That internal angst, I think we've played it out. It's been well explored. I'm much more interested to see what happens to them as a couple, their relationship.

On season four: At the heart of season four is the search for Mom. That's going to be a really interesting exploration. The "Chuck" show has always been a family show. The mythology episodes always fold into family issues, be it weddings or reunions. That's the show. We're excited to delve into that.

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Lynda Carter really look like Ellie! I can't wait for season 4 .. So excited about it!


I could definitely see Renee Russo or Geena Davis as Chuck and Ellie's mom, but Lynda Carter is a great choice too!


My vote for the actress to play Chucks mom would be for Lynda Carter! Sarah lancaster looks just like she'd be her daughter for real!


Chuck did not kill shaw in paris since shaw seemed to have a bullet proof vest that has some blood color like powder so it should seem for Chuck that he actually killed him, anyways I can't wait for Season 4.


Chuck had killed Shaw - he was just brought back to life by the Ring


but chuck didnt kill shaw in the finale. sarah hit shaw on the head after he said chuck was weak for NOT killing him, and then she said "no thats what makes you (chuck) great!" Chuck thought he had killed shaw a few episodes back, but he hadn't hence the finale.


I can't wait for season 4 (5,6,7,...)!

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Payback's a bitch, Charlie.


I hate Twitter.


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