Connor Paolo: You Can't Kill Chuck Bass!

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At the CW upfronts last week, Gossip Girl star Connor Paolo (Eric) was asked about the show's upcoming fourth season and the fate of the beloved, embattled Chuck Bass.

When we last saw Chuck, he had just been shot by a mugger in Prague, his life hanging in the balance as Blair jetted to Paris with Serena for a summer of retail therapy.

Connor's take on whether Chuck lives? "Chuck can't die," Paolo said. "You can't kill Chuck Bass." Agreed. But what will his anticipated European reunion with Blair entail?

Could Chuck be experiencing some trauma-induced amnesia? The CW suggests he's now a "changed man" and might just have a chance at winning Blair back after all.

The thugs who shot him, however, may want to watch it. "I'm sure we'll go hunting the mugger tirelessly," Paolo says. "We're sure Blair Waldorf will stop at nothing!"

Eric VDW

Hopefully Eric plays an even bigger role in Gossip Girl's Season Four.

As for Eric, Paolo is hopeful that Season 4 will show us a new side of Serena's brother.

"Eric's now the only kid left in high school. I think it's time to watch him handle stuff on his own, considering how many hang-ups he's had in the past about being alone."

"Now that Jenny's gone and his father's gone again, I think we'll see him tough it out by himself." Regarding Jenny, Paolo says when she gets back, she'll have Eric as a friend.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder," he says. "As does trauma."

(Thanks to to rebecca_archibald for the tip on this article!)

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They're gonna go hunt the mugger!? haha that's insane!
You tell 'em Connor! There is no killing Chuck Bass!


haha thx for giving me credit!!!


I totally agree with you :)


aww he is so cute :) i'm excited to see what his character goes through next season. in my opinion, he is the most wise and mature character of all!

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