Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr Reconciliation Confirmed

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Who knows if this is true, but who knows if the breakup rumors were either, so take it all with a grain of salt - but Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are supposedly back on!

While the Gossip Girl co-stars suffered a rocky patch in their relationship when rumors of her affair came out, the 22-year-old hunk seems to have forgiven his girlfriend.

Wandering through an outdoor L.A. shopping mall together this month, Jessica and Ed confirmed what a friend told OK! about the pair trying to find a way to work it out.

“Friends convinced them to be adult and talk things through. They both still love each other and Jessica hopes they can work out their problems,” the friend of theirs revealed.


Looks like brighter days ahead for Ed and Jessica.

Strolling through the Grove holding hands, after a nice lunch at the Farm, the back-on couple were spotted enjoying some retail therapy at J. Crew and the Apple store.

“They’re just seeing where things go,” another close source said.

“It was a mess for a while. Ed wasn’t even speaking to her. Ed wanted to leave or have his screen time reduced so he and Jessica were never in the same place at the same time,” on Gossip Girl, but it looks like it's all water under the bridge now.

A good thing, too. Fewer Chuck Bass scenes? Not acceptable.

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personally i don't give a shit who she dates. as long as she is happy. same with ed westwick. do i want his ass to date leighton? no at least no while they are still doing GG.


@C.C. you seems like Jessica's biggest fan....or are you her rep or something? cos the way you defend her is almost like you dont have a life at all LOL


and why are Jessica fans want her and Ed to be together?
probably u guys realized she can't and will never find a bf as good as Ed, isn't it?


Vogue has purposely spread lies before especially in their celeb blurs. They've said Jen was pregnant often and were wrong. That also purposely misquoted Jen Aniston on in her interview about Bragelina.


I choose the vogue article. Here are my reasons: 1. I checked on google and that polo game was 2 days ago (22nd May) so I believe this is the most recent news 2. The words came from ED himself! like someone said below, this is a UK (European) media so if they told lies about Ed saying they have broken up when in fact they haven't....then Ed can sue them rite? 3. its Vogue baby!!!! Vogue dont create false rumors like some media... dont be too happy Jessica fans!
btw I like Leighton but doesn't mean I want Ed with leighton...I'm okay with Ed being with almost any gal just too bad Jessica's not one of them!


@LadyGodiva That source is unreliable too. And if they are no to together why hell would he be hugging on her. When vogue does one-liners instead of full interview, it is total bullshit. that article contradicts itself. it says he is less forthcoming on the relationship but yet he point blank gives you an answer they are not dating. nice one, vogue. fire that dumb writer now.


pretty sure i didn't say YOU wished death upon Jessica....


thanks for those pictures, they totally made me happy! They seem to be on very good terms. I'm surprised this site hasn't put them up yet!


@zoe87 - i never wished death upon jessica, thank you very much. and I KNOW that the leighton/ed thing won't happen, thank you very much again, so you're not breaking anything...it's just a fantasy sorta thing..gosh.


well honestly, almost all articles that say things like "a source reveals that..." are usually untrue or exaggerated...so its not something you should take seriously, that's why i never took the articles of jessica cheating seriously or anything. when reps (or the celebs themselves) confirm the facts, that's when i start believing.


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