Ellen Pompeo Sets an Example

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Now that Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo has become a mother to daughter Stella, she is working her “obsession” with diet and exercise into her daily family life.

The actress recently opened up about her baby and talked about how she prevents herself from becoming a “martyr” as a mom who cares for everyone but herself.

“I always have been obsessed with working out and eating right,” said Ellen, 40.

“I’ve never smoked, or any of that. When you eat healthier with your kids, you’re teaching them two things – you’re teaching your kids about eating healthy, you’re doing something as a family and you’re helping yourself, so you’re going to feel better.”

Ellen Pompeo, Chris Ivery and Stella

Ellen Pompeo and family.

"We say we don’t have time for exercise. Well, you can go for a walk with your kids. You can bike with them. Women don’t make time for themselves, and they say ‘I can’t do this because I have to do that.’ You can think of ways to improve your whole family."

"You can spend time together as a family and take care of yourself.”

“You have to set an example,” she adds. “What you do, they’ll do. Your kids are going to mimic anything you do. If you only put healthy food in the fridge, that’s their only choice."

"If you only cook one thing, that’s what your husband’s going to have to eat."

"You have to put yourself first, and say ‘this is what I made, and this is what you’re going to eat.’ If you’re not healthy, you’re not around, and there is no wife and mother. We certainly want more birthdays and more Mother’s Days.”

For Ellen Pompeo, sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regimen helps ensure she can share as much time as possible with her loved ones - despite the long work hours.

“I grew up without a mother,” she says. “It’s terrible to lose your mother. It’s terrible to lose anyone. We have to do it for them. We’re so busy being martyrs so much of the time, doing everything for them. Well, this is for them. Taking care of yourself is for them.”

Why does Chris Ivery make a great dad?

“His sense of humor ... and his wisdom.”

What’s the best thing about mothering a girl”

“Everything,” she says. “A healthy baby.”

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This family photo always brings a smile to my face. No posing, no vanity, no publicity seeking. Just family love


This is a beautiful pic of EP and her family. I love what she says too because it's all about balance in your life. I wish more actors had this attitude towards life instead of what the media portrays


I love ELLEN POMPEL the picture is so loveable.
Wish she'll get award this year!


I love Elen.... she`s a amazing and I think she will gets to be nominated for an award this year!!!!!!


I know that's a paparazzi pic, but if I were Ellen i'd be so tempted to ask the photographer for a print of that picture. It's a happy family time! Also, I hope Ellen gets to be nominated for an award this year. Ellen took us on a rollercoaster ride with Meredith during the SF


This woman is AMAZING! This pic is adorable:)




ADORABLE!!!!!! Love Ellen how down to earth she is and what a cute beautiful beautiful baby with chubby hands :) love how she's tryin to set an example for her kid..... Gotta say that the cast of grey's is incredible they didn't have a swollen ego with fame with some exceptions if u know who i'm referring to :) and most of them are family men and women :)


I love Ellen Pompeo!!! She really is a good role model


I love that pic of Chris, Ellen, & Stella. So beautiful!


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