Gossip Girl: The CW Fall Promo

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There's a lot happening this fall on the CW ... most of which we already know about, but here's our first glimpse of the network's fall roster, featuring some Gossip Girl clips.

Clips from Season 3, that is, which you've already seen. But hey, the offseason has begun. We'll take what we can get (follow this link for the earliest Season Four spoilers).

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/cw-fall-2010-promo/" title="CW Fall 2010 Promo"] [/video]

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@Erin: Thanks for responding, but I meant the show where they wore cheerleading outfits and in another clip they were dancing on a cheerleading mattress :) And as "Paulina" said, it is "Hellcats" :) @Paulina: Thank you! I didn't know that was a tv show, I thought it was a movie :)


@delenachairendgame agreed!


jennmo13 GG...thks 4 da song's title...appreciate that!!


i love how the majority of GG clips in this promo are C/B


@DamonSucksMyWorld it's Hellcats CW's new series starring Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka


That's One Tree Hill.


i like chucks voice when he says "i learn from the best". he should talk like that more often instead of all low and obnoxious.


What is the show called, where the girls are dancing? I think they were cheerleaders.


:04 - what episode/scene was that from?! is that blair necking chuck?? and did you notice that all GG main stars were presented in this video clip except raccoon eyes. how lovely :)


The Song is California Girls, By Katy Perry :)

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