Gossip Girl Promo: Straight Outta Poland

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Dorota would be so proud!

This is really random, but we know Gossip Girl fans will dig it - especially those who live outside North America. A fan sent us this promo for "Enough About Eve" in Polish!

Always fun to see the show airing and garnering fans in other countries. We certainly appreciate all of our readers visiting our site from abroad! Check out the clip below ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/polish-promo-for-enough-about-eve/" title="Polish Promo For Enough About Eve"] [/video]

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Good One, but i hate it when their is just one voice for every character..


I'm from Poland and definitely proud that you post this! I actually can't stand the reader, but it's way better than dub 'cause here you can actually hear the actors :] And that's important! But for me it doesn't really makem any difference - I watch it online, anyway!


But Serena Sounds exactly the same ...


Polish language is not stiff! Although not every English word could be translated into Polish, but when it comes to "Gossip Girl", some fans are doing great subtitles for the series. It's a shame that Polish networks are not using them when they are broadcasting the show. In Poland thanks to Warner TV we can currently watch 16th episode of a 3rd season. Here is another promo in Polish, but I don't know if you will be able to watch it outside Poland. http://vod.onet.pl/plotkara-zw...


I think that a person reading everything is a billion times better than the different voices. It isn't so annoying. A statement that the Polish language is stiff is some kind of paranoia. The Polish language was considered as a one of the toughest in the world, because we have got so many words, variety of verbs and so on.


The problem is that Polish is stiff and some of the dialogues don't sound right in my native language. It is really hard to translate them in a way that makes them sound real and yet does not change the content in a huge way. Let's face it.. There are very few people who are willing to sacrifice enough time to make the text good. Too few, apparently.


we have male voices for Blair and Serena because no one cares and we never have a dub, just that stupid reader. We have dubs only for hannah montana and so on -.- I watched this episode today (I didn't ever know it aired in Poland) just to see how it looks like with a reader and it sucks. Totally.


I'm from Poland and I'm so happy that u add this! I love this site and GG!! xoxo

Melanie xo

And we're almost through with the third season in Denmark, but I've seen the entire season :D

Melanie xo

I hate when they have to translate everything. I think it's annoying when you can't hear their real voices. We only have Danish subtitles in Denmark. Or maybe it's just because I love the English language :D haah LOL

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