Gossip Girl Spoilers: Derena and Shooting Details

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So, what is the deal with Dan and Serena? After the sneak previews for the season finale and the way this week's episode ended, fans are wondering about Derena Redux.

More importantly, does a character really get shot on Monday night?

Entertainment Weekly's spoiler Q&A addresses both issues today.

Love in the Air

Is a Dan-Serena reconciliation in the works?

On whether Dan and Serena will stop pretending they don’t have feelings for each other: "I can confirm that by the end of the hour, one of them will stop pretending."

On when the shooting happens, and to whom it happens: "It happens at the end of the episode, and it’s one of the following three characters: Nate, Dan, or Chuck."

OMG: Who do you think it is? Comment away!

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chuck and jenny do hook up dan punches chuck for sleeping with jenny while hes about to propose to Blair serena and nate break up Georgina is back in town shes pregnant with dans baby jenny leaves to live with her mom Blair and Serena go to Paris


it would be awesome if vanessa was the one who gets shot. she really serves no purpose on the show except to whine and be ugly. maybe she'll get stuck in haiti realize she loves it there and never comes back! wohoo ps. chair forever and @carrie1989 i do believe that penn and blake are still together in real life


No, not Nate, Dan or Chuck! I was hoping it would be Jenny. That'd be a great way for her to not be in the show next season.


Sorry, I have nothing to say - I just wanted to have my comment as No. 200 in this post ;))


Okay, here's what's going to happen.
Dan realizes he loves Serena. Dan tells Serena, but she's still hung up over Nate. Nate sleeps with Jenny and then when he later rejects her, she sleeps with Chuck too. Blair tells Chuck that she'll marry him, just not right now and then he'll walk home depressed, get mugged. Dan will be near and jump in to help save him, but get shot in the process. Nate and Serena are fighting when Chuck calls and says that Dan got shot and is going to the hospital. Serena starts crying because we all know she really loves Dan. Nate will realize he loves Jenny, but Jenny tells him that she slept with Chuck and then Nate gets to be all depressed and sad like usual again. Then because Blair is so upset over Chuck she goes to see Nate and they have sex. And everyone ends up back together like on the pilot. Nate and Blair. Serena and Dan. No Vanessa. And also Lily and Rufus both die in an accident, so no Rufus Lily. The end.


just btw: are blake and penn still together in real life?


Dan and Serena are absolutely perfect for each other!


A big YES for a possible Dan/Serena reunion. They started the show, Dan was the person who helped her get used to the city without partying, scheming etc. and their flirting was really well-written. Just because it's 'old' doesn't mean it's bad; IMO Gossip Girl needs to get back to its roots, and what better way than Dan and Serena? Though I doubt it'll happen. In one interview or the other the writers said that Darena is pretty much over forever, although I don't remember the exact quote...


yuuuuccckk!!! sooo season 1 & 2, no dan and serena pleaseee.. i want my serenate..


i really don't like dan and serena together though...
man i really hope that doesn't happen...
even if they do break up, don't bring back dan and serena!!
so over derena. dan's character is weird. its like he doesn't fit into any group

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