Gossip Girl Spoilers: Derena and Shooting Details

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So, what is the deal with Dan and Serena? After the sneak previews for the season finale and the way this week's episode ended, fans are wondering about Derena Redux.

More importantly, does a character really get shot on Monday night?

Entertainment Weekly's spoiler Q&A addresses both issues today.

Love in the Air

Is a Dan-Serena reconciliation in the works?

On whether Dan and Serena will stop pretending they don’t have feelings for each other: "I can confirm that by the end of the hour, one of them will stop pretending."

On when the shooting happens, and to whom it happens: "It happens at the end of the episode, and it’s one of the following three characters: Nate, Dan, or Chuck."

OMG: Who do you think it is? Comment away!

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@Marty♥ GGFromItaly
Puzza è il verbo più azzeccato! Ahahahah


Ah giàà!! Anche se questa cosa a tre mi puzza di Giorgina...Chissà perchè :D


@Marty♥ GGFromItaly
Chace non ha rivelato tali dettagli, ma ci sono ottime possibilità che sia così. Effettivamente sarebbe più logico, come accostamento, quello tra J e N, piuttosto che tra J e C, anche se la Savage ha parlato di un threesome (cosa a 3) per quest'ultimo episodio, chissà che non siano coinvolti tutt'e 3 quindi! LOL


Ciò mi dice che Jenny andrà a letto con Nate??...Uhmm


http://www.fanpop.com/external... Here it is! This time I think it's pretty sure "Last Tango, Then Paris" will be the last episode for Serenate. In this interview Chace Crawford says so!FINALLY THEY'RE OVER!! I couldn't stand them, they're too effing boring! =S


Did you guys see the trailer for "Easy A" it has a clip of Penn Badgley shirtless!! I know this has nothing to do with Gossip Girl but you should watch it!! I love Penn!! :)


Dan and Serena are so 2008!! THEY ARE BORING NOW.
and if dan "stops pretending" i will shoot myself. cause dan has stopped pretending with vanessa as well! its really stupid! NATE AND SERENA WITHOUT SERENA'S BULLSHIT ATTITUDE ARE AMAZING!


I think it is Dan who realizes he still has feelings. In the preview we've seen he barely seems able to cover them up as it is, so later he will probably just come clean. I think Serena and Nate probably break up over the kiss with Dan, then Nate moves on with some random girl. Serena doesn't want to hurt anyone so she tells Dan to stay with Vanessa. Serena and Blair leave to get away from all of the mess, because I have a feeling Blair and Chuck don't get back together. That is what we'll see next season--they work their way back to each other. The one happy couple will probably be Rufus and Lily. As for the shooting, no one makes too much sense to me. It happens at the end of the episode, but if it is any one of the guys Blair and Serena wouldn't leaving knowing about it and if they had left before it happened Lily would let Serena know. At which point Serena and Blair would return from Paris, yet the first two episodes are in Paris with Chuck, Blair and Serena and the appearance of a friend is mysterious. This leads me to believe they have to figure out what happened with the shooting--or return to a very different world in New York according to the spoilers. This makes me think it is either Chuck or Nate, but how it all happens I haven't a clue.


OMG i so hope that Dan + Serena happens again! Although i luuv Nate n Serena as a couple(because Nate wanted her 4 so long n they luk AMAZING 2gether!), they are only a ten. Dan and Serena are an 11!!! I hope Chuck gets shot so i can see that Blair is actually worried, and so she will realize how much she cares for Chuck. DERENA YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think chuck gets shot. dan realises that he loves serena and serena cant forgive nate for sleeping with jenny so she goes off to paris with blair. I love serena and nate...they should stay together.dan is just too boring with her.nate and serena are soulmates.they grew up together,same breeding and background and their bestfriends are together, added to that they have way better chemistry than dan and serena.

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