Gossip Girl Stars Attend CW Upfronts

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Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford attended the CW's annual upfront presentation this week, along with co-stars Zuzanna Szadkowski (Dorota) and Connor Paolo (Eric).

This event is when the network pitches its shows to advertisers. Here are photos of the three Gossip Girl representatives (if we missed anyone, please let us know) ...

Cuttin' to the Chace
Zuzanna Szadkowski Picture
Paolo Pic

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At the 2010 upfront on Thursday (May 20), The CW leaked some juicy details about "Gossip Girl's" Season 4 premiere. When we last saw Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), he had just been shot by a mugger, and his life hung in the balance as Blair (Leighton Meester) jetted off to Paris with Serena (Blake Lively). Spoiler alert! Fans can rest easy. "Chuck can't die," Connor Paolo (Eric van der Woodsen) told Zap2it when we checked in with him at the upfronts. "You can't kill Chuck Bass." The CW confirms that Chuck will be back to ruin Blair and Serena's Parisian fun when he "mysteriously arrives in town with a new girlfriend and a new identity." Could Chuck be experiencing some trauma-induced amnesia? The CW suggests that he's now a "changed man" and might just have a chance at winning Blair back after all. The mugger who shot him, however, might want to watch his back. »


UGH Dorota? she already gets too much screentime and now she comes represent GG for the advertisers? UGH UGH UGH I know a lot of them are filming movies right now but still!


The guys are very well represented by Chace, Ed and Connor. But the girls... Zuzanna is sweet, but seriously, they should've arranged at least for Kelly Rutherford, Jessica Szohr or Michelle Trachtenberg to be there too.


Ed was there, check Eonline for picture!


Where are Ed and Leighton? I don't care about chace connor and zuzanna.Ed and Leighton are the show.


Leighton is in budapest filming monte carlo.. check the cast section,there's a pic of it.
as for the others.. i don't know.


Connor looks so grown up now!


i just got to say Gossip Girl it´s one of the best shows on tv on this 3 years, and FYI Connor look´s Soooooo Hot in this pic...

Steve marsi

@bec215 - I actually had the same thought at first, but the counter argument is that they don't need to push Gossip Girl as hard because it's so well established. It was one of the CW's first renewals this spring and is still #1 in its time slot for women 18-34 (despite modest ratings overall). My point is that it may not be worth reading into other cast members' absences one way or the other. A number of them are pursuing other projects, as we know, too.


Wow - what a difference from the past when Ed, Leighton, Blake, Penn, AND Chace were there, and Ed did a cameo as Chuck Bass... I have a feeling S4 is going to be GG's last season, so they're not worrying too much about signing long-term sponsorships. I mean, they can't really sustain Chuck-Blair apart for more than one season... if they keep Chair apart for the first half of S4, then bring them together for the second half of S4, they can end with their engagement and it will feel natural. Maby I'm wrong to think you can make Chair the barometer for the entire show, but I think you can.


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