Grey's Anatomy Finale Rumor: A Shocking Shooting

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A stunning new rumor - it's nothing more than that, for the moment - allegedly straight from the Grey's Anatomy set may spell doom for one of the show's main characters.

Someone on the set, presumably someone who doesn't value her job, Tweeted a piece of unconfirmed info about Grey's Anatomy that would definitely be a game-changer.

A few things don't add up about this, namely, wouldn't filming have been wrapped weeks ago? Second, they already ended Season 2 with a similar cliffhanger (Dr. Burke).

Still, read on if you're curious about this alleged plot development ...

McDreamy Tweet

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This os honestly the best show that I have ever seen! When I has swine flu for 2 weeks I watched GA around 10 hours each day! Love it! Thanks Shonda! And if you ever need another patient for an episode in season 7 me up!


Ok...if you guys remember correctly. Derek was getting sued for killing that dudes wife. That guy who is sueing is the shooter. The short brown hair girl who was caught in bed with Mark and was from Mercy West gets shot dead in the head!! Then Alex gets shot! go to its a 10 minute clip. gave me goose bumps! Thursday can't get here fast enough!


McDreamy isn't Mark. Derek is McDreamy, and Mark is McSteamy. So I guess Dreke is the on who gets shot, and I think Meredith is the pregnant one...


I think that Hannah is exactly right, cuz watching the previews you see a little blood on Mark's arm when he is on top of her, but not enough to be fatal. Plus she seems to be ok just shocked. And you're right about the 15 minute thing. They wouldnt kill a main charater in the first few mins of an episode. I also think Jakki is right about Lexie being pregnant. Cuz they made such a big deal about Mark wanting a family.


It's the angry husband who is trying to sue the hospital...clearly.


Did anybody ever think to think of Dr. Webber. It makes perfect sense. And also look at the scene with Bailey being pulled out. He stands just like Webber.I think it's either Webber or that guy who tried to sue.


I think that lexie almost gets shot but the mark pulls her down in time, but since it missed lexie,then i think it hits derek an thats why meredith is screaming.i think that bailey thinks she is seeing the shooter but really the black guy is just oulling her out to help her.


I have two theories: One, lexie is shot, though she isn't the first one to be shot as she is pulled on the ground by Mark. I don't think it will be fatal. I think the fatal shot will be at one of the new guests from the merger, because the first shooting will have to be fairly early in the show, and they can't kill an original character in the first 15 minutes, can they? Also i think Bailey somehow defeats the shooter.
Two, Lexie is nearly shot, hence the reason why Meredith screams in shock, but Mark pulls her to the ground in time. :)


Owen is the gunman. The shooter is wearing dark blue scrubs, which is the colors for attendings. He's already crazy as it is, and you see in this last episode how angry he is at Meredith. So, he's pissed that Derrick told Meredith about how he wanted Teddy gone, and in turn, Meredith slipped a hint to Cristina about it - thus messing up their relationship. Cristina doesn't move in with Owen, which sets him off. He's already a ticking timebomb as it is, and this is the final nail in the coffin to make him lose it. I also think that Lexie is pregnant, because in the beginning of this episode she made a comment about how she had to wear a shaper because she couldn't zip up her dress. I think Meredith loses the baby because of the stress, because Derrick gets shot of course. Now, if you read articles as of late, they say some of the cast that came in with the merger aren't coming back next season. Reed being one of them. The spoilers say a person we are familiar with dies, and another is wounded. So I think someone from the merger is killed (Maybe Reed.) and derrick is shot. Then, the spoilers also say that Miranda has to make the hardest decision of her life. You see in the preview she is dragged out from underneath something, so i'm going to go on a limb here and say she had to kill Owen.


I think it’s going to be Lexie. I may be totally off, but if you watch the previews it kinda makes sense. Like the clip where Mer is screaming and Yang is holding her back, it could be for lexie. Also in the previews lexie’s hair is in a french braid and you can see her clearly running from the shooter in the middle of the hall towards two big doors with just a couple of other random people around. Plus in the “Who will fall� trailer the person who gets shot is right in front of those two doors. Also when we see alex walk through the two doors( possibly the same two doors lexie is by) with a look of shock on his face and Christina is kneeling by someone or somthing when she looks at him it seems almost sympathetic towards him. I dunno Im probably wrong, just thought i’d put it out there.

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