Grey's Anatomy Finale Rumor: A Shocking Shooting

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A stunning new rumor - it's nothing more than that, for the moment - allegedly straight from the Grey's Anatomy set may spell doom for one of the show's main characters.

Someone on the set, presumably someone who doesn't value her job, Tweeted a piece of unconfirmed info about Grey's Anatomy that would definitely be a game-changer.

A few things don't add up about this, namely, wouldn't filming have been wrapped weeks ago? Second, they already ended Season 2 with a similar cliffhanger (Dr. Burke).

Still, read on if you're curious about this alleged plot development ...

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We are all thinking it is going to be a shooting. This is my new conclusion: April goes crazy and puts on attending scrubs for some reason and holds a "hostage situation". Mer could still cry for this since Derek is in danger. I can't remember a hostage situation being held before in GA so it would be something new.


I think the old guy will shoot Derek... he lost the case about the death of his wife and so he's angry with Derek and want him to pay for "killing" his wife.. and sooo he shoots him... (sorry bad eng):)


I seen some pic's and it looks like the old guy that his wife died eppy before last is suing the hospital. I'de say if anyone shoots him it will be the old guy. If you all remember right the clues we had for the couple that is going to break up. It was a couple that has been in a relationship for awhile. Callie/AZ hasn't been in a relationship that long. So my guess is Yang/Hunt. I think Yang sees that Hunt wants Teddy. So she breaks up with him. Yayyy I hope so. Then Yang can date Jackson:) And Lexie and Sloan can get back together. I didn't like them together at first. But I do now. She kinda makes him a better man. And I hope since baby sloan has been adopted Sloan Sloan gets to go back to where ever she come from. AND STAY THERE!!!! She is a gold diggin brat. And for Callie wanting a baby. That is kinda getting old. She is driving me and poor AZ crazy. LOL!!! Enough is Enough Already!!!! Give it a rest!!!


aha okay i think you are right


There is no cliffhanger this season, if Derek get shot we will know his condition by the end of the finale episode.


Oh, sorry Merr. Well, we know PD is coming back next season, so it may not be more of whether Derek lives or dies but what's his condition going to be.


anuflas i meant last season 5 when it ended with george and izzie flat lining , and we spent all summer wondering what will happen, it will be lame to end the season with derek dying as well


I think it makes sense. who knows if there's a re-shooting?




Well, it can be but if you look at it, it seems that Derek gets shot on purpose, someone trying to kill him. Burke was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That'd certainly bring a trauma to Derek, knowing that someone wanted him dead.

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