Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Promos: Viewer Discretion Advised!

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Viewer discretion advised.

You don't often hear those three words at the end of a promo for Grey's Anatomy, but for next week's season finale, ABC feels they apply - and probably for good reason.

A crazed gunman on the loose will do that.

Divided into two episodes - "Sanctuary" and "Death and All His Friends" - the two-hour finale certainly does qualify as a game-changer. Here's the first promo for it ...

[video url="" title="Sanctuary Promo"] [/video]

Wow. Seattle Grace is a "Sanctuary" no more. The scene in which Bailey watches the pair of feet walk ominously toward her, then appears to be dragged away? Not un-intense.

But who is the shooter?

Follow the link for our photo gallery from the Grey's Anatomy finale, then check out another, possibly even more chilling promo for the season-ending event after the jump:

[video url="" title="Death and All His Friends Promo"] [/video]

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I have a major problem with the current episode. In it, Dr. Yank talks abt being close to animal trials. ANIMAL TRIALS! Haven't Your writers gotten the word that there are now human simulators that give much better info abt trials than torturing animals?? As an animal love, I find this extremely abhorrant! Tell the writers to get their act together and never mention animal trials again on this show! This is one of my absolutely favorite shows and it pains me to have to post this comment. But as an animal lover, I feel obligated to speak up for animals.


The shooter is the guy who sued Derek in an earlier episode.... I could be rude and name some people who we already know dies but i'll let everyone see for themselves


obvilsoy the trailer/promo gives u a hint either bailey, derek , or tht other guy dies ebcuase it shows only three of them in the trailer and at the end it says which one will fall so duh


Does Meredith drop her ID pass in the toilet? Or does it just happen to hit the floor with her pants? If it comes off, if for some reason, the shooter goes into the ladies bathroom, lol, they may find it and gain access to staff only areas? Maximum damage?


@Vichaa: I meant Sadie. Meredith and she used to be best friends and travel together a lot. Sadie lets the new interns perform surgeries on her. she calles Meredith 'Death'. she quits after a talk with the chief. it's all happening in season 5. she's only there for 5 episodes. but she is frustrated that Meredith has grown up and she isn't smart enough to become a doctor. so, maybe she is só jealous... or maybe she can't find a job anymore and she thinks that Seattle Grace has ruined her career... just guessing ;)


My input- In the promo where Derek tells Meredith and Yang about the shooter he doesn't have his lab coat on. Obviously, in the promo showing the bullet no one knows about the shooter yet because they are all carrying on with their jobs. So, if Derek had been shot then he wouldn't have been able to warn Cristina and Yang about the shooter. He may get shot, who knows! But, I think that the person they show with a bullet wound it not Derek. I think it's too obvious for Derek to be the one to get shot because of the way they show Meredith screaming and Yang holding her back. They want us to think that.. but I'm not convinced. All I know, I can't wait for Thursday!!!!


Is it me or we can hear something like "COME ON IZZIE" at the beggining of the second promo?? well it's probably my imagination!! the waiting is killing me!!! lol


another thing; on the "fill in the blanks" it says "you will cry, so will Bailey". It makes sense if its Richard who gets shot or who dies because they've always been close and i think she will be devastated if he gets shot/dies...


I think Teddy is the shooter because in the beginning someone yells a word sounding like "Teddy" or "Timmy" or something and then "NO" so i think baybe its her, but i dont know why she would shoot though. She doesnt have good enough reasons for shooting anyone. Like, that Mr.Clark whose wife died and who probably wants revenge on Derek; he has a good reason. But why shoot Derek and not Meredith, so that Derek can feel the same loss and pain as he did himself? But then again THAT would be to obvious.
Then again, Teddy has always seemed like she longs for Owen more than he longs for her so maybe she just goes crazy. Maybe after hearing Owen and Christina talking in the stairway. So it Could be her.
I did like the idea of Izzie coming back but i dont know why would want to shoot Alex. Didnt she want the divorce and not Alex? Why would she then get pissed for him signing the divorce papers and shot him or Lexie for that matter?? All i think is right is that its someone close to Meredith but whooo... and i didnt get that thing wrote about Meredith and "death and all his friends". Who's the old friend of Meredith you talked about? And why would someone shoot her because she knows things about the hospital that few people does? I mean that hasn't even been a discussion, a "problem" with her knowing stuff..
All we know is that its someone veeeery close to Meredith. AND Miranda looked really shoocked, Derek too and maybe Owen? So it must be someone that will surprise us all, someone who everyone never thought would do something like that. And not Thacher, why sould he come back as a drunk and shoot Richard because of the thing with Ellie Grace when that too hasen't been a discussion lately? I mean that thing is over long ago... hmm.


Guys – the shooter could be Teddy !! There are SO many people she hates right now……… she hates Owen – he turned down her love she hates Christina – she’s with Owen she hates Mark – he ‘cheated’ on her with Reed she hates Reed… she hates Derek – for almost firing her AND she could maybe have post traumatic stress disorder but maybe no-one realised coz they were too obsessed with Owen !?

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