Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Spoilers: Shooter, Victims Revealed!

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WARNING: These are not your run-of-the-mill Grey's Anatomy spoilers, brief sneak previews, cute teases of stuff you already know, or vague clues that don't actually provide insight.

This is the first nine minutes of the two-hour season finale.

SECOND WARNING: Not only do we learn the identity of the shooter loose in the hospital, someone goes down fatally and another character is also wounded in the below clip.

Remember the days when Shonda Rhimes was the spoiler Nazi? Yeah, those are long gone. Clearly she's going for the opposite approach now, giving away the store early on.

Will it make people more inclined to watch? That remains to be seen. But either way, since the info is out there, we've posted it here (though we've left details out of this post).

Check out the clip if you're interested and share your impressions by leaving comments. Be forewarned if you do watch, though, that the content is revealing and graphic ...

[video url="" title="Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Finale: Full Intro"] [/video]

NOTE: If video is disabled you can watch it here (YouTube) or here (ABC).

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Just GREAT! it was so intense, I was sad when she lost her baby. Keep the good work for next season!!!


I was no the edge of my set the hole time i was so scared derek was going to die it was the best episode ever i cant stop thinking about it.


It's sort of funny because the actress who plays Dr. Reed gets shot in the head and killed in every show she's in. Heroes, etc.


To my two new buddies Kristen and MerDer...Thanks for the updates last night! and I was soooooo happy!!!!


u people r crazyyy. this show is awesome. idk y yall want it to be over. i cried when derek got shot and alex. They cant die. derek especially is what makes the show so goo. it is sad that she lost her baby she was very happy bout it but i CANT wait till next season!!!


Roxanne...the shooter's wife dies in episode 19 - Sympathy for the parents. It's the one where Alex's brother shows up needing a hernia operation too. For awhile there, I was thinking GA was getting kind of bland..not much exciting happening, but the finale REALLY kicked it up a few notches!


All I can say, is I am dissappointed. I wanted to see more people dying. Especially the main cast, like Maradith and ummm that chinese broad and yeah alex would've been nice to kill also. That sucks! I want this show to be over! It is one of those shows that just have lost their touch.


This season finale had my heart pumping from beginning to end! One of the best ever!




I love this finale, but I'd love it more if I hadn't missed the epidsode where the shooter's wife dies. Does anyone know what epidsode it is? Was it even this season? Please help!

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