Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview: "How Insensitive"

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We're gonna need a bigger hospital! His words, not ours. With a patient en route to Seattle Grace who will require a little extra sensitivity, Bailey runs a little crash course.

If you've seen the photo gallery from the episode, you know why. Soon enough, the surgeons realize it as well, and one member is immediately excused from the case.

In the first sneak peek from the episode below, see who earns a dismissal for cracking a joke, and why Bailey worried about "How Insensitive" the staff can be ...

[video url="" title="How Insensitive Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

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want to know what the name of the song is that plays for the last 5 mins on the how insensitive episode may 6 10 need some help


Maybe Shonda wasn't being completely honest about what SG's huge crisis will be in the finale. After all, why is a huge car crash so terrible at a hospital? Maybe the real crisis will be a shooting, by some serial killer. Anyway, back to this sneak peek: I love how April immediately starts taking notes when Bailey says the sensitivity lesson was Derek's idea, as if she can get closer to him just by following his orders.


If Derek does get shot, it won't be April doing the shooting. It will be the husband of the patient that April killed and we will see Derek being accused of being a murderer again, by the patient's husband. April Kepner turned her ventilator off too soon, and caused the patient to hemorrhage in her brain, Derek said there was nothing that could be done to save this patient, they[the hospital] would need to obey the patients direction for not sustaining life support and that's why Lexie Grey had to turn off this patients life support in front of the husband. But it was April's mistake again. And out of grief for his wife's death this man will take his revenge out on Derek, as he is in authority here. I hope this rumour isn't true.


who's ms. gigi?


There's a thread in the forum discussing the theory of that spoiler being true. I don't see it being just like Burke because with Burke was a lost bullet while the person who shoots Derek is with a purpose of killing him.


Let me guess... by April!?
Pffff I don't know, another shooting in a season finale (remember Burke)? Sounds really lame to me.


Is it just me but Meredith and Alexx r sitting reallly closee awwww!


I like mercy west.


I have a feeling that the pic of Mer crying in the SF is linked to something April does. Anyways, I hope the Mercy-Westers get eliminated after this season (except Jackson). I don't like Charlie, Reed, or April. Jackson is the best since he is actually making friends with people (Mer).


As long as April's crush on Derek is just a crush, it is kind of funny. A young med student who develops a totally unrequited crush on someone of authority, and then her having to deal with it isn't an unlikely or impossible scenerio. Unfortunately I think the writers are going to take it to the Fatal Attraction scene though.

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