Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview: "Shiny Happy People"

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The evolution of Alex Karev has been a sight to behold. In the first sneak preview of next week's Grey's Anatomy, "Shiny Happy People," his bedside manner is on display again.

As we discussed in our Grey's Anatomy Round Table from last night, the way he connected with the obese patient and helped him turn his life around was pretty compelling.

Next week, guest star Demi Lovato plays a patient so disturbed, she literally tries to claw her eyes out. Who steps up and gets through to her when no one else can?

You guessed it, Alex. Check out the clip and comment below ...

[video url="" title="Shiny Happy People Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

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Lu -- the song playing the in clip, oddly enough, is the track "Scarlet Fever" from the soundtrack of the 1994 movie "Little Women." The composer is Thomas Newman. I knew I recognized the song from somewhere and it drove me crazy until I figured it out!


anyone know how the elderly lady was and what show she used to play on????


When the had actors/actersses of note eg Tyne Daly etcdid the promos mention them as guest stars? I thnk ABC want to attract DL fans into watching GA, hence the fan fare over her guest appearance


Bet this reminds Alex of Rebecca

Call me meredith

page shepherd? yay, cant wait to see him. lol
and i guess alex thinks it's something not so crazy maybe something more serious.. ohh i hope . i love the most serious not expecting cases haha


COH I have to disagree with you on this. Alex has definelty changed in the series when it comes to women. I think the treating women like a jerk attitude @ this point is a way of protecting his emotions I mean look what Izzie did to him in the negative aspects AND positive aspects. She left him vulnerable,hurt,and abandoned pretty much left on an emotional roller coaster. But she did help him realize he has good in him, something his family told him he wasn't and believing it for a long time. You can't expect him to completely change who he is at one time, it takes steps for a person to change. As I have said in previous and current posts I am completely against A/L as a couple right NOW,he is not in the emotional state to handle another relationship. I see where everyone is coming from with growing to like then but the timing to me is off. I also have this bad feeling that Lexie will go back to Mark by SF and Alex will be left hurt even more. I really don't want to see that happen but sadly I just have this feeling. I really want Alex to find a woman who will make him happy in the long term and after Alex is dealing with his feelings in a better way.


Alex hasn't changed as far as treating the women he supposedly cares about like crap. He still does it, and there's no excuse. Just because he was nice to Lexie last episode doesn't mean he's all of a sudden a nice guy. I have yet to see some genuine "better man" behavior from him. He's always been good with patients. I want to see him stop being a jackass to the women in his life.


I am hooked already. I love how much Alex has evolved and matured. I have always enjoyed Alex's character, but am happy to see him get some depth. If I could pick any doc to have at SGMW, it would be him.


Looks like it's going to be a good episode leading up to the season finale the week later. Glad we'll see Derek consulting on a case instead of pushing papers around, I miss Derek in scrubs, make sure April Kepner isn't following him like a lost little puppy.


well actually Alex HAS changed. And he told Izzie that was because and thanks to HER! She "made him a better man" . So no wonder he can do what he does as the series goes on.

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