Hilarie Burton to Romance Lead on White Collar

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Hilarie Burton has signed on for her first TV role since departing One Tree Hill.

The actress will appear on six episodes of White Collar this summer. She'll play a character from Neal's past named Sara Ellis, an insurance investigator who catches up to the show's protagonist and reunites with him on both a professional and personal basis.

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Burton starred for six seasons on One Tree Hill. She left the role of Peyton Sawyer in 2009.

White Collar premieres its second season on USA on July 13.

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Never seen the show but will certainly will seek it out now Hilarie's appearing!!!! Hilarie is one of my idols and is an incredibly talented woman, so it's not a "horrible casting choice" or neither is it gonna "suck". She's incredibly beautiful and sassy too. All those who dislike her, TOUGH. You can always miss the episodes she's involved in, that's your loss. Can't wait, anything Hilarie's appears in, I'm there, great news IMO.


AHHHH I'm super excited for this! I absolutely adore Hilarie :)


What's her name must have a good agent.


Seriously? ugh this is going to suck. Why not just hook him up with Alex? She acts better than Burton does... besides anytime I see Hilarie, all I think about is Peyton... *shudders*


Horrible casting choice And the idea of introducting her to be a 'love interest' sets my teeth on edge - feels rushed


Hilarie is a fantastic actress, she'll be good in whatever she stars in. However I hope she will make a few guest appearances n one tree hill for the last season.

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