Major Death Coming on Grey's Anatomy Finale?

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It's May sweeps time and Grey's Anatomy is pulling out all the stops as we gear up for a season finale that's being hyped beyond belief. The past season-enders have delivered, however, so not only are all bets off, what's to come will likely be epic.

With three weeks to go, rumors are flying that not only involve major couples gossip, but something much more serious - the death of a character on the medical drama.

We saw the mysterious Tweet about the shocking shooting yesterday, but as far as we can tell, don't believe the hype in this case - no deaths among the cast are on tap.

At least that we know of.

There is, however, a death that will affect Cristina and bring back some painful memories this week. It's a particularly good episode for Sandra Oh, according to E! Online.

Yang Action

Expect compelling Cristina story lines in the coming weeks.

So much so that some think she might finally capture that long overdue Emmy - she's been nominated all five seasons for Outstanding Supporting Actress with no wins.

Will the sixth time be the charm?

Also, regarding the M (marriage) bomb coming this May, reports suggest it's technically an M-related bomb. The word that is dropped is actually an H-bomb: "Husband."

Hmm ...

Finally, Kevin McKidd had this to say about the finale: "Whatever it is that happens, Owen has a take on it that is interesting, connected and linked to his past life."

"In the finale, he's busy for a lot of it, but it comes up to speed quickly ... he makes some more snap decisions than other people are able to."

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I forgot top say that 2 MWers will be booted out cos they failed their exams. Kepner will be too OTT about Der being injured, and be shown the exit,again, permanently


I just can't see Cris wanting to get married.
Owen will be traumatized by the seige in SGMWH and won't be able to operate. He'll chosse cris and hopefully Ted will realise that she's lost Mark, she can't bear to watch cris and owen any more and LEAVES


Seriously, Sandra OH deserves to win an Emmy. She's been on her A-game every year, and never fails to make whatever storyline they give her ,work. I'm hoping she wins it this year.


I am such a huge fan for Grey's anatomy. I have a girls night for dinner and drinks every time it is on.


I love Sandra Oh. Hope she gets an Emmy this year. And, I love Cristina Yang. Cristina is strong and steady and very funny. I particularly love her friendship with Mer. If the death affects Cristina, it may be Owen, Burke, her Mom or her old boyfriend, the cardiologist from Stanford. Or, maybe it's Izzy. Maybe they'll kill her off without filming her.


You know what!! I think 2 of the Mercy-Westers are going to die.. and Dr. Ben Warren.. There is going to be a shooting.. And for sure those 3 are gonna die!!!


I think the death in the finale will be Dr. Ben Warren.. He is doing another show anyway!!! I really think the death is Bailey's man!! Just my opinion......


...maybe its izzie o0
maybe she died, and cristina was the first who helped her during her illness months ago...dunno, just a thought:) but burke, this would be interesting!


I'm totally thinking it's Burke too! The death said it was going to be one of the original cast memebers, well Burke was an original cast member.


Burke? no contract affected. will have impact on cristina. and painful memories.

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