More Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World"

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Here are four more clips from "It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World," Monday's all-new episode of Gossip Girl. Looks like there's major drama on tap, even by UES standards.

The first two previews we posted earlier in the week focused on Chuck and Blair. Below, we turn our attention to Jenny and Serena, with Rufus caught in the middle ...

[video url="" title="It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

Follow the jump for three more sneak previews of the May 3 episode, the third to last of the current third season (click here for summaries of each of the final three).

Conversations between Serena and Nate (with a late arrival by Chuck), plus Rufus and Dan, and finally Dan and Vanessa, are featured in the below sneaks ...

[video url="" title="It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Sneak Preview #4"] [/video]

[video url="" title="It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Sneak Preview #5"] [/video]

[video url="" title="It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Sneak Preview #6"][/video]

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Jennmo13 gg 3

Team Serena! all the way!!


lol of course no one is looking for moral instruction from Jenny Humphrey. But that doesn't mean we can't hate her.


@Marie: hahahaha gross! Jack & Jenny! But I would not put it past Jack to go after Jenny.


GG is a fun show. The purpose is entertainment. The characters are not meant to be role models. If you are watching GG for moral instruction from Jenny Humphrey, you should find something else to watch or read. That said, Serena's dress and hairstyle are gorgeous! This is one of Serena's best looks from this entire season.




But I have a plan!
1st, she'll fall for Jack Bass
2nd Rufus will find out and will send Jenny to military school


Nowhere did I say any of them were saints. They've ALL done some pretty effed up shizz.
But as many people have pointed out, Jenny is just a one-dimensional, one-note type of bitch.
She really has no reason to be acting this way, she just brings everything upon herself. My biggest issue is how she acts towards Rufus who is so undeserving of her treatment. As far as I know, Rufus has always been a good father to his kids. At least Dan treats him right, which further proves that Jenny shouldn't be acting the way she is. Serena never had a dad and never even really had a mom, so while her actions are not excusable, at least they're understandable.
S asking her mom not to date Rufus was NOT selfish. At the time, her and Dan really loved each other. Rufus and Lily had their chance, and it was time for S and D to have theirs. At least Serena told her mom how she felt, and didn't come up with some large scheme to break her and Rufus up.
S suffered the guilt and consequences of "killing" a man. But again, did she mean to do it? NO! So what if she didn't tell anyone right away? She did eventually, all the while feeling terrible about it since the day it happened. My point is that every character on the show has their fair share of f*** ups, but they all pay for it, regret it, make up for it in one way or another.
As far as Blair goes, she and Chuck slept together when she and Nate broke up (even though they got back together later, but that's besides the point). And Blair NEVER cared about Jenny. They are rivals. So whatever Blair ever did to Jenny is irrelevant. Jenny, on the other hand, is Nate's FRIEND, and she's Serena's FRIEND and STEPSISTER. She's intentionally doing bad things to people she supposedly is supposed to care about, and who have done nothing but care about her.
In the end, the point is that Jenny never feels sorry for her actions, as you can see in that clip up there in how she interacts with Serena. She's one-dimensional, always scheming, tramping over others' feelings for selfish motives, no matter if it's her dad she has to hurt, her friends, or the man she supposedly cares about (Nate). I'm not saying this can't change... we might actually see Jenny turn around by the last episode before she gets shipped off somewhere or something. But as of right NOW, she's pathetic. Her whole rebel without a cause thing isn't fooling anyone, especially Serena.


Alright, usually I never comment, but I feel compelled to considering the intense debate going on:P First of all, I feel indifferent towards Jenny and Serena, so I'm not biased. About comparing what Jenny did to Nate&Serena to what Serena did to Nate&Blair, seriously? What Serena did was f***** up back then, but as you all probably remember she felt really sorry about destroying her friendship with Blair and didn't exactly do what she did to sabotage Blair's relationship with Nate. She waited for Nate to tell Blair what happened before apologizing, which definitely wasn't the right thing to do. I didn't stick up for Serena about not telling Blair for a whole year, and running away, and I'm not gonna stick up for Jenny here. I used to really, really like Jenny. She was this multi-layered dish out of water going to school with people she didn't like, acting out like someone her age in any world would do. Now, she's this one-dimensional bitch who isn't feeling any remorse for what she did. Now I'm hoping she's gonna feel some regret, or just apologize, for intentionally hurting Serena and Nate(who is an oblivious moron, just saying). That's why I'm indifferent, because I hope she'll learn from all of the crap that went down with her this season. Serena's done some pretty stupid stuff(she's pretty clueless sometimes as well) but I don't remember any time that she's done anything to Jenny. She's showed that she cares for Jenny, giving her sometimes misguided advice with good intentions, trusted her, and hasn't done anything negative towards Jenny. And yeah, Blair/Chuck/Serena/ an Nate have done bad stuff too, but when they do stupid, bitchy things we see they're soft sides and regretful sides come out. Mostly. And I'm still working on forgiving Chuck for what he did, because even thought I love him and Blair together, it was majorly screwed up. And wtf, Rufus? I feel bad about whats gonna happen with the whole Daddy VDW/Lilly thing, because I know Serena is gonna be her naive self and try and get them together, but seriously? You're telling Serena she can't have her room back in her own home? Jenny temporarily borrowed it, and he had no right to tell her she could "have Chuck's old room". And the fact that he didn't even ask for further info on what happened makes me feel like he's losing grip as Jenny's dad. Step out of your own love issues, and re-connect with your daughter. I'm really looking forward to Blair showing her different sides again, because I need one character with an interesting personality on this show.


none of them were like J?
seriously? how about S not asking her mom to date rufus because she was dating D at the time?
i thought that S was being selfish. after all, her mom raised her and poured her with money. the least she could do is let her mom date whoever she wants. and S "killed" a man, but kept it a secret - but she supposedly has a stronger conscience than J, huh? and B sleeping with C while B and N were an item? and B daring J to break into eleanor's boutique? that could've resulted with J having a record - and i am sure a smart B would've forseen that. or how about N kissing and still having feelings for S (who was really J) at the masked ball while N and B were dating?


i am not a huge taylor fan, but i am a huge J fan. unlike S, J works for what she wants.
sure, J crossed lines at times, but at least she not a free rider like S. S just treads around the Serena World, and gets everything handed to her.
she got the PR job because she's a socialite
and then she held a position at the mayor's office because kipp had hots for her. plus, she didn't even find her father on her own - carter did the digging and the dirrty job for her. no more princess S. i wanna see her broken and poor.
let's see S getting her hands muddy.

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