More Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World"

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Here are four more clips from "It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World," Monday's all-new episode of Gossip Girl. Looks like there's major drama on tap, even by UES standards.

The first two previews we posted earlier in the week focused on Chuck and Blair. Below, we turn our attention to Jenny and Serena, with Rufus caught in the middle ...

[video url="" title="It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

Follow the jump for three more sneak previews of the May 3 episode, the third to last of the current third season (click here for summaries of each of the final three).

Conversations between Serena and Nate (with a late arrival by Chuck), plus Rufus and Dan, and finally Dan and Vanessa, are featured in the below sneaks ...

[video url="" title="It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Sneak Preview #4"] [/video]

[video url="" title="It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Sneak Preview #5"] [/video]

[video url="" title="It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Sneak Preview #6"][/video]

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okey people , jenny saw and heard about all the cad stufff serena and the rest oof them did , she was the yungest and they we like her role modles and thay sucked at it , the only femal rolemodles she had were blair and serena cus her mom walked out . she probley acks that way cus its all she saaw on the ues and thought it was what she had to do and chuck told her to get nate back he gave her the idea or she wouldent of done it at all , she tacks what they say to her to heart and does what they tell her to do she just a kid . she will always be little j to them alll and they can face that shes not that little girl anymore. jenny has had a hard life too and people always juge her cuse she not from the ues so she has to try harder to fit in. i think jenny is the baby of the group likr she think noting she does she will be punished for cus lilly and her dad dont think she did it like the party last season, and every one else always gets blamaed cus she just LITTLE J , she need to learn thats one day she not going to be the baby of the ues to all of them. jenny is my favorit careter and i will be soo sad if she goes next season , she is amasoning the best on ggg :)


Blair, Serena, Chuck and Nate royalty? It's the Upper East Side, not Europe! Ok, but people who live in the UES are treated like royalty, so really what is the difference?


To Queen B: Blair, Serena, Chuck and Nate royalty? It's the Upper East Side, not Europe! And by the way, no one who is actually cool in NY, hangs out in the upper east side - it's place for housewives and strollers.


i’ve been watching gg for 3 years,
and Jenny is always the one i hate the most!
-trying to fit in blair’s
-thronedto be queen in constance billard! (EW!!)
-finally having a real upper east side life
she doesn’t come from the upper east side
but she acts like she does!
all her glam stuff and life is given by LILY!
she doesn’t come from the royalty
only Blair,Serena,Chuck and Nate do!
she is not a pure upper east side-er!
this is the pt that i’m get annoyed with!
i’m just sick of the fact that little J is turning to be a bitch!
i like her in s2
cause she have no effect at all
not actually bad at all
and not much scenes to see :D
but now!
jenny seems to appearing in s3 ALL THE TIME! LIKE IM SO SICKING TIRED OF IT!
please just finish off s3 asap and get jenny out of gossip girl!


"For all those who want serena with dan= yawn!! They were the worst couple ever. All he did was make her feel bad about herself." Are you kidding me ??! Seriously Dan is the best thing never happened to S !! He was the only one who actually made her happy :) JUst rewatch s1 you'll understand !!
And Serenate - excuse while i'm gonna throw up - do not have any chemestry at all !!


@sernateFTW i agree! who is he to tell serena what room she can or cannot have.. it's her house to begin with! jenny needs to get booted back to brooklyn and i agree the serena x tripp x maureen situation was wrong, but unlike jenny INTENTIONALLY trying to steal nate fully knowing he loves serena, serena and tripp just happened to start liking each other. serena did not pursue that relationship with the intent of breaking up a marriage. AND, as i remember correctly, serena genuinly felt bad about that too and tried to tell tripp that they can't be together (although, bless her, serena doesnt follow through). AND at one point, tripp lies to serena about maureen so again, NOT intential, unlike backstabbing jenny


rufus really annoyed me in this clip. he's just sticking up for his daughter purely because she is his daughter, he doesn't know what jenny's done.


come on ..was serena really feeling that bad when she slept with nate while he was with blair?
She came back after she was at bordings school and act like it never happend .. she only appologize to blair AFTER nate tells blair that they hooked up. She would have NEVER told blair if nate doesn´t.


I CANT STOP REPLAYING THE SERENA-JENNY SCENE. IT WOULD BE NICE IF SERENA BURNS JENNY'S CLOTHES AND TELLS RUFUS that she either goes on exile or she'll side with her real dad. I dont freakin care what yall think of this, cos to be honest, Jenny's a frekain social climber!


thats right, Serena must remind jenny that everything she has is borrowed from them. To begin with, the fame, the clothes and all, came from Serena's family. With what she did, wake up people! Imagine if your step sis tries to steal your BF...are u gonna be happy about it> hypocrites!

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