More Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "Last Tango, Then Paris"

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Two smackdowns for the price of one.

That's what Blair Waldorf is about to lay down, and both victims have the last name Humphrey.

After the soon-to-be-infamous Gossip Girl blast Jenny is responsible for (see first two sneak peeks), Blair confronts her, warning her not to mess with "epic" Serenate ...

[video url="" title="Last Tango, Then Paris Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

Follow the jump for another clip from Monday's Gossip Girl season finale, "Last Tango, Then Paris." This time, Blair chastises Dan for the alleged hookup with Serena.

Only in the process, he makes a point that resonates with her, regarding Chuck ...

[video url="" title="Last Tango, Then Paris Sneak Preview #4"] [/video]

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Serena and Dan are just borring. I hope she could come back w/ Nate, the characters are just perfect for eachother, since S1 !


i have the feeling that the writers will hook up Dan and Serena again... yucks... i love Serenate....


Personally i was pissed wen Jen slept with Chuck..I want her to turn back to how she used to be.I dont like her "dark" egos and look..I miss her but she adds fire and she adds tension.I LOVE chuck and nate and Blaire has changed a great deal which is why shes awesome.Serena can get ran over because shes not really needed. Nate needs to settle down and DAN is just desperate.he had it coming and i think it will be hilarious to see wat happens..he always falls in love in like 3 hours wen it comes to women and ughh..I CANT WAIT TIL SEASON 4 i love u chuck


Oh just stfu all you couple fans.
Serenate and Chair.
Reallly? The show wouldn't be getting all these reviews if the show was so damn CLICHE and PREDICTABLE.!
It's a scandalous show and that's why we all enjoy watching it.
All of those who are threatening to stop watching next season if your favorite character dies, just shove a damn stiletto up your ass. Mmkay? Iloveetheshow, I mean it wasn't as scandalouss, but obviously the writers know what they're doing.
So shuuuuuut the hell up. @Chuck_luver knows what they're talking about.


If Chuck dies, I swear, I'll stop watching GG... I will download the episode when it'll be possible. I love Chair though, and don't want them to end up here. Jenny screwed up a lot, but she's - God knows why - still my favorite character, but i want her to get back her normal, innocent look, like in the first season... She and Nate would be a good couple, but not this way... The whole show is just fucked up, it could've been a happy end with Chuck engages Blair, Jenny out for a while (which we've got btw), Serena and Nate end up together and everyone would be happy... ok, i know that'd be a bit unusual for GG, but i guess a lot of people would glad for that. well, if they write out C and J, (at least C - if he dies) i'll stop watching GG... i hate the writers, i really do. and it was low.. congrats, you fucked up everything...
mixing everyone with everyone, breaking every good couple up, making a poor, pathetic end for s3... i guess you will lose a lot of fans... mainly if you keep continue this shitty storyline... (sorry for my english, i know it sucks)


I'm sorry, but I don't like Blair's coat. - Stephanie from NYC :)


@Uf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JS and SS are beyond ridiculous. And it's not about Chair getting back together at the end. I personally didn't want it and didn't expect it to happen. It is about boundaries and chemistry. Jenny and Chuck are disgusting, pathetic and nonsense. It would make sense if Jenny had slept with Nate and lied about sleeping with Chuck to piss Blair off. Or if Chuck had taken responsibility in order to cover for Nate. But other than that, no. It is just a desperate attitude. They wanted to shock and they did it at the cost of their biggest fan base. You are Right


i miss when everything that happened was interesting. now it feels like i just watch to see what happens and fast forward through all the humphrey family drama crap. jenny is nothing. i dont hate her. i feel nothing about her. she is not rlevant. i just hope chuck doesnt die. because he is why i watch this dumb show and although he and blair have been different people this entire season i really hope they dont kill him off before they can save his character because hes not like bart. they cant kick him off. he is the main reason lots of people watch. if they kill him then ratings are doomed. its a sad day in my life today. now i have to go study for a ridiculous history final, and then hope that i have time to watch this troubling episode.


why on earth they slept together


THE ENTIRE SEASON FINALE EPISODE POSTED HERE - I put all the clips in one place for you. Enjoy. :)

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