More Grey's Anatomy Teasers For Thursday

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Some minor Grey's Anatomy teasers from E! Online today offer a hint about Calzona and a note about a guest star on this week's season finale not named Mandy Moore.

Curious? Here are the Grey's excerpts from the site's spoiler Q&A ...

Q: Calzona news on Grey's Anatomy, please!

A: I can tell you that Calzona fans will be in a geographically desirable locale for the finale. But I can't tell you if it leads to any kind of makeup sesh ... I can only dream.

Q: Any other Grey's Anatomy finale teases to tease?

A: If you're loving Ryan Devlin as Smith on Cougar Town, you'll be blown away by his turn as ailing Mandy Moore's hubby on this week's Grey's Anatomy season finale.

Hmm... blown away? Did that just hint just help fill in the blanks as we keep speculating as to the identity of the shooter? Or are we reading too much into word choice?

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I had not been blown away by Ryan Devlin's performance, but Mandy Moore was really good. And I really hope to see Mark & Lexie back together.


Omg, the last minute of the video is warned...


Gosh! I watched that clip with the first 8-9 min of the epi. That man is totally mental! He didn't give his victim a chance, he just shot them! And in places that they wouldn't have a chance so actuallt get some help by them selfs! And innocent people who had nothin to do with it, but I have to say, the scene in the beginning with Callie and Christina, Hilarous! Can't wait to see the whole episode!! And the scene when Arizona says "Hi" was kinda "funny" too...


McShady, thanks for the link! OMG, I can't believe I have to wait until friday morning to watch the rest of the episode, it looks amazing!


@Magdalene: Via Sidereel you can also find links to watch the current episodes. Use the videos on, they usually work pretty good.


ooooooommmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i say only this.


OMFG XD This will be shocking, I can't wait :D

Avatar This is for people outside the US that can't watch on hulu


If you don't like spoilers, what are you doing on a spoiler site? :)


@Kaci I wouldnt have warned people if I wanted to ruin it!! Some people like spoilers, some like to wait.

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