NBC Confirms Cancellation of Heroes

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Heroes has been axed by NBC. It was rumored earlier in the week, now it's official.

The demise of the series, which was still in the running for a fifth season until very recently, feels both shocking and inevitable. It was so good ... then became anything but.

The beleaguered drama only averaged 6.5 million viewers this year, and its last episode ever, February 8, didn't even bring in nearly that many, garnering a mere 4.4 million.

If that doesn't seem low, consider that Season One was not only beloved by critics, but by legions of fans, averaging 14.5 million a week. It just couldn't sustain the magic.

Peter and Sylar

Maybe Peter and Sylar can work construction instead now.

There has been talk that NBC may air a TV movie that allows the producers to wrap up the story, but nothing has been set in stone. NBC will announce its fall lineup Monday.

Are you sad that Heroes has been canceled?

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You have no idea how pissed I am. I dont care how may viewers the show did or didn't have! I don't! I love it!


It's bad enough they cancelled Carnivale a few years ago on HBO without notice or finishing it up...now this!!!!!!! TOTALLY disgusting!!!!


this is as stupid as stopping a moving train with your penis i have every season on dvd what now i never get to see how it will end after spending 5 years watching it and buying it?if they or some other network doesnt finish this worldwide hit in either a final season or movie (which wouldnt be that bad) then they will lose alot of viewers. screw jj. abrams his movies and shows suck cloverfield come on!!!!! dick trickle out!


Oh,God.NBC sucks.I love thoes guys.They're not ordinary sucking heroes,Dressed up like clowns.NBC just can't push them away and pretend nothing happens.They're living whit us.In all our dreams.
I can't even imagin a day not seeing their faces and hearing their sound.I love Clair, I love peter, I love Mohinder, I love Hero, I love ... .Yeah, I love all of them.Come on fans.VOTE.Don't let them down.I love you all.We're gonna kick NBC's ass.


I noticed some incorrect statements in the review. HRGs partner was the one who called Tracy. It stated that in the show. I agree there are some plot falls and the ending was lackluster. However some of the things that happened were interesting. Sylar finally switched sides . That has been an ongoing theme for a while. Parkman is showing an evil streak himself. IE--Trapping Peter with Sylar in the first place. Having known some retired carnies Samuels abandonment
by his followers wasn't a surprise. They don't like in--fighting or harming each other.However to condemn a whole series on one weak season seems a little short sighted. While this wasn't one of my favorite seasons the ending with Claire could be shaped into a dynamic story. The whole villain of the week system is a hand me down from Hollywood. Re curing villains are viewed as boring by most writers. I do think they pulled the Plug on Arthur too soon. But thats showbiz. In all the season had some high points the Hiro moments could have been better written and the ending needed some octane. Overall I don't think this one slow run should equal the loss of a series with potential still in it.


oh sh**! why? i am really shocked to read this. heroes was my favorite series. I bought all the DVDs and now i have to read this. i hope they will do SOMEthing. I would even be happy if they only do the movie.


DAMMIT! Keep Heroes going... I know last season wasn't as good as the others but hey, who cares? WE WANNA KNOW HOW IT ENDS!


Only show i have ever liked and looked forward to watching. Obviesly there are many people just like me.. Congratulations Nbc, even if there was countless ways to keep the show going. Cut you're losses without a fight huh?


So they trade the Cape over Heroes. Bad move on NBC's part. It so reminds me a Batman forever and Batman the original movie. Getting trained by someone to make him a great fighter and battles gangs that take over the city. And the rich evil vilian has been done how many times! So typical, why don't they just stick him in gotham and tell Bruce Wayne to move to another city. At least with Heroes NBC could of hired some new writers that actually want to keep there jobs and just make the show better. Heroes was great because it wasn't the typical hero show. They didn't wear costumes and they weren't these perfect people. This cape show is going to last a half a season. Unless people like to see the same typical super hero shows. Bring Back Heroes


Fuck it. Last season sucked, but I wanted to know how this ends. I hope they at least do the movie.


Heroes Quotes

Ando: And why is everyone always chasing us?
Hiro: Because I'm special.
Ando: Well, I'm not special
Ando: And I'm tired of getting chased.

My power is understanding people like you. That's what I do.


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Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
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