NCIS: Los Angeles Season Finale Preview: Who is G. Callen?

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While enjoyable on their own merit, most NCIS: Los Angeles episodes lack the character depth and interwoven, ongoing story arcs that make the original NCIS so terrific.

In the spinoff's defense, it's only the first season, and what was unquestionably its defining story arc thus far - "Missing" and "Found" - ended in Agent Dom Vaile's death.

Still, heading into the second season this fall, we need a little more to go on. First and foremost, who is this mysterious Callen and why should we care about his past?

We may find out in Tuesday's season finale, titled simply "Callen, G." In last week's "Burned," Chris O'Donnell's character was blackmailed with information about ... himself.

Who knows where Callen comes from, and why is that a major deal? What exactly was the information trafficker, Kilson, killed last week hiding, and who was he working for?

Theories are welcomed. Here's a promo for the episode ...

[video url="" title="Callen, G. Promo"] [/video]

It will be interesting to see what is revealed about Callen, as well as who is targeting the OSP. Click to enlarge photos from the NCIS: Los Angeles season finale below ...

Double Barrel
Callen, G.
Off the Grid
The Hunt is On

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"who is this mysterious Callen and why should we care about his past?" You hit the nail on the head with this question. WE don't know who Callen is, NOR do we care. There is very little character development on this show, and a lot of the plot is almost reminicent of reading a comic book. Everything is well-telegraphed in ahead of time, and the only "mystery" about it is HOW Hetty got to be the "wardrobe" lady. She IS valuable though, because the team can hardly go "undercover" in what they wear every day. What a disguise Callen has ... in this latest episode he even changes his appearance with a baseball hat, which the bad guy tells him to get rid of, because it looks too corny. All in all ... the psycologist onboard is not even close to any of the BAU members, the computer geek nowhere close to McGee.

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